Chinese hospitals should work towards establishing trust-based medical care

2023-08-21 17:54:46 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 10



Only geniuses can become doctors, among geniuses, only the most exceptional ones can become reputable. The existing doctor-patient conflicts in China are caused by a serious lack of trust between doctors and patients. Hospitals should work towards establishing trust-based medical care as soon as possible. Currently, there's a nationwide anti-corruption campaign underway. While there are cases of corrupt doctors, there are also many honest and upright ones. Let's not let the actions of a few tarnishes the reputation of the many good doctors. There is almost no corruption in German hospitals, because it is very difficult for senior executives of large pharmaceutical companies to have direct contact with German hospital presidents and department heads. It is sufficient for hospitals to have equipment that can cover basic needs. Excessive equipment may lead to insufficient attention for improving hospital management and services. Hospital presidents should dedicate more time to hospital management to truly manage each department and control risks. When hospitals management is in good hands, doctors rely on their expertise for their livelihood and are respected by patients. Naturally, they are less likely to engage in corrupt practices. Prof. Stief, Deputy Medical Director of the University Hospital of Munich, will visit Xiamen, China on September 16th. He helps manage one of the most remarkable hospitals and medical professionals in Germany and even in Europe. Chinese hospital presidents, key academic leaders, heads of departments, and promising young doctors can seek his advice face-to-face. Together, they will discuss the numerous challenges that Chinese hospitals are faced with today. The heads of administration should not act like they are superior to others. Their role is to serve the doctors and nurses in the hospital. After all, it's the doctors who conduct consultations and surgeries, and it's the nurses who take care of the patients. The heads of departments should focus on specialty construction and talent cultivation. After all, only well-established departments and talented doctors contribute to the success of a great hospital. Young doctors should be ambitious. They should learn from masters, read extensively, travel widely, and strive to become rising stars. Trust-based medical care will be established naturally when everyone at the hospital accomplishes their jobs respectively. Then the workers at the hospitals will be respected and trusted by the public. Time is clicking away. Doctors should spend time on valuable work and should respect patients and be kind to them so that Chinese hospitals will have a better future


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