Waves of Wheat Blown by the Wind

2023-08-09 14:37:56 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 12



Young doctors who are regarded as the rising stars are named as top doctors. Such doctors are a scarce resource in Chinese hospitals. However, an ordinary doctor working at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, who is not even close to excellent, dares to be insufferably arrogant. The hospital he works at has gained its reputation through a century of development, which has nothing to do with him at all. No matter how prestigious the hospital he works in, he is just an ordinary man. And it will be a flash in the pan even if he has become an excellent doctor, There will always be younger top doctors. The top figures in China's leading hospitals are known as top doctors, but do they truly have favorable international reputation? And these top doctors often act as if they are superior than others. There are 3.87 million doctors in China, but why is it so hard to find a world-renowned excellent doctor? These doctors would rather live an idle life within the system, wasting time socializing with their superiors, than taking the time to actually improve themselves. On May 30th this year, Dr. Hu Xiaojun, former director of the Joint Department at Chongqing Seventh People's Hospital, flew from Chongqing to Berlin, transferring in Beijing. At the age of 44, he resigned from his steady and well-paid position and came to Berlin. He came to the Musculoskeletal Surgery Center at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin to pursue further education on MD degree. And Charité is one of the three best hospitals in Germany and even in Europe. In the upcoming two years, he has no job and no income, also with his daughter just started elementary school. Despite knowing that he will endure endless hardship, helplessness, and loneliness during his two-year study, he still fearlessly came to Berlin. From the day Dr. Hu Xiaojun left Chongqing for Berlin, he was already a doctor with real vision. In fact, doctors are often pushed to their limits to be excellent. They are all faced with a life-or-death situation before achieving success. Without experiencing adversity, hopelessness, and despair, it is difficult for a doctor to truly become excellent. What are the real capabilities of those so-called rising stars or top doctors now? Outpatient consultation? Good surgeries? These are just basic skills for any doctor. Where are their abilities for independent thinking and judgment, crisis management, and international perspective? How can the future post-90s and post-2000s patients trust them if they keep getting by and not striving for advancement?



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