The Third Sino-Euro Global Forum on Hospital Management, Specialty Construction and Talent Cultivation

2023-07-21 14:27:16 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 32



There are currently more than 34,000 hospitals in China. Of these, nearly 12,000 are public hospitals, but the share of truly patient-centered hospitals may even be less than 1%. Every hospital is faced with various problems, and no one dares to point a finger at them. Faced with severe shortage of medical resources caused by the overpopulation with 1.4 billion. Therefore, the general public has to endure, even though they know these hospitals and doctors are not good enough. The medical staff of most of the hospitals have no idea how to study or what they should learn. The hospital presidents are busy having bureaucratic meetings all day long, doctors are aimlessly occupied with repetitive daily routine of outpatient consultation and operations, the administrations of the hospitals are tied by red tape, and young doctors are at a loss to their future. The academic meetings are in chaos. The so-called big shots leave right after giving their lectures and never truly interact with their colleagues. There is no real research teams in some of the Chinese hospitals. This is the sad thing about Chinese hospitals. We will hold an international forum that is authentic and pure, in a bid to solve the multiple problems that Chinese hospitals face. It is only held in one Chinese city once a year in September. An annual forum that offers a rare opportunity to meet must be cherished. In this international forum, there will be no sponsorship from the industry. Nor is any scientific organization invited. The aim is to keep this international meeting simple and pure. We only specially invite several Chinese hospitals presidents, academic leaders, directors of hospital administrations, promising young doctors, and famous key academic leaders in Europe, to meet face-to-face and engage in deep interpretation of hospital management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. This should be the priority of a hospital. This is at the top level of a hospital, and the methodology of health care. Surgical techniques and outpatient services are must-haves. In other words, these are just basic requisite skills for any doctor, and the know-how of health care. Without the methodology, a hospital and the doctors working there will lose their cognitive capabilities, repeating daily routine aimlessly. Only with a profound understanding of these three core dimensions of health care, can integrate the methodology and the know-how forming a success circle of a hospital or a doctor. Whether a hospital can serve the health of the general public, depends on its hospital management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. This is the core competence of the hospitals. From September 16th to 17th, W Hotel in Xiamen China will witness the grand opening of The Third Sino-Euro Global Forum on Hospital Management, Specialty Construction and Talent Cultivation. Thereby we specially invite Prof. Stief, Deputy Medical Director of the University Hospital of Munich, along with nine other key academic leaders in Europe to visit Xiamen, to have a face-to-face interaction with presidents and doctors in Chinese hospitals. This is truly an international feast with a theme of health care. This will be globally live broadcast with Chinese and English simultaneous interpretation.



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