A Cruel Fact of being a Doctor

2023-07-03 18:33:19 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 18



Over the past months I have been trying hard to get a job for a young surgeon, who just got his Ph.D. from Sun Yat-sen University this year. His mentor is a good friend of mine, and asked me personally for this favor. I asked most of the chiefs in my network in Guangdong, but so far none of them have expressed interest in him. The hospital presidents and directors are only interested in those who are pursuing their doctoral studies in Germany. These are the talents they are interested in. These doctors are regarded as rare resources. A cruel fact in the medical field is that, a clinician with only a Master’s degree, can barely find a position in any hospital. A young doctor's career begins with a higher academic degree. The profound expertise in research and patient care comes in second. The sincerity and integrity are more important. A good doctor must meet these requirements. The majority of hospital presidents currently in office were born in the 1970s. For the coming decade, the hospitals in China will be led by them, who place a greater emphasis on clinical outcomes, hospital development, and global thinking. It is difficult to be qualified as a doctor without a higher degree. The medical industry is and will continue to be highly competitive. And healthcare is always the priority for a country’s strategy. Without being well-trained. Without benevolence. Without crisis management skills. Your entire career will be like walking on thin ice and facing an abyss, or we will see what the future holds.


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