China will be the No. 1 Economy by 2030

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69Olms教授在深圳市第二人民医院所有的工作完美收官。感谢刘主任带领整个团队最后为教授举行了送别晚宴。当天上午李主任听完大师公开课就飞上海参会了。这一次让我真正见识了李主任带领的足踝事业有多强。周六早餐后,我与冰雪带教授去逛了万象城的超市,他非常惊喜,看见了好多他没吃过的水果。我买了岭南手指葡萄给他吃。我们回到广州去了天河城百货,买了国牌的皮鞋和衬衣给他做礼物,他说我像中国形象大使,一直在赞美我的国家,我那么自豪。傍晚我们去了冬广场,看了华为与小米最新手机和家电,还有高合的电动汽车。我们在米其林一星宋餐厅吃了正宗的北京烤鸭,最后去了瑰丽酒店坐在95层的天际酒吧。教授与冰雪喝着小酒,我喝着绿茶,我们品着甜品,对着小蛮腰,看着夕阳,聊着人生。1993年他第一次从香港到广州开会。2023年是他第二次来到广州。在深圳文华东方酒店住了六晚。他认为现在的中国让他惊奇惊艳,美轮美奂。食物太精美了。城市太高端了。他去了世界上无数国家工作。但这次客座教授的工作让他一直在赞美深圳市二院的足踝外科手外科整个团队。他真想为中国的足踝事业多做一些工作。他也期待今年129日重回中国深圳。据英国经济与商业研究中心 (CEBR) 预测,中国将在2030年成为世界第一大经济体,因此,谁想成为这个世界上伟大的医生,谁就要跟中国进行链接,在中国进行学术活动,能在不远的未来给他们带来巨大的学术影响力。

On June 9, all the work of Dr. Olms in Shenzhen Second People's Hospital came to a perfect end. Heartfelt thanks to Director Liu and his team for holding a farewell dinner for Dr. Olms. That morning, Director Li flew to Shanghai after attending the open class. It makes me realize how professional and competitive the foot and ankle department is under the management of Director Li. After breakfast on Saturday, I took Dr. Olms to our local supermarket in the Mixc. He was pleasantly surprised to see so many fruits he had never tasted before. I bought some Lingnan finger grapes for him to have a taste. And I bought him domestically-made leather shoes and shirts as gifts in Teemall Guangzhou. I felt so proud, when he said I was like a Chinese ambassador, and when he kept praising my country.In the evening, we went to Winter Plaza, and saw the latest mobile phones and home appliances from Huawei and Xiaomi Corporation, as well as electric cars from HiPhi. We ate authentic Peking Roasted duck at the one-Michelin-starred Song Restaurant, and finally went to the Rosewood Hotel to sit on the 95th floor of the Sky Bar. While Dr. Olms and my colleague enjoy wine, I drank some green tea. Faced towards the Canton Tower at dusk, we were there tasting deserts, appreciating sunsets, and talking about life. In 1993, he traveled to Guangzhou for a conference from HongKong for the first time. In 2023, he paid his second visit to Guangzhou, and spent 6 nights in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Shenzhen. He thinks that China is an amazing and wonderful country. Although he had worked in countless countries in the world, he still thinks Chinese food are very delicious and delicate, and the cities in China are highly-developed. The visiting professor week in the Foot and Ankle Surgery and Hand Surgery Department in Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital really impressed Dr. Olms, and he thinks highly of the whole team. He truly wants to make more contributions to the foot and ankle medical research in China. What’s more, he is looking forward to return to Shenzhen, China on December 9 this year. British consultancy Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) forecasts. China, now the worlds second-largest economy, would overtake the No. 1 Economy by 2030, Whoever aspires to be a great doctor in the world will probably have to be linked to China's communities, whereby engaging in academic activities in China could bring them substantial academic influence in the near future.


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