A Man of Sincerity Attracts Admiration

2023-06-01 16:54:19 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 52


Stinus 教授离开东莞时,我们陪他洗头剪发。他的飞机延误了近4小时,这真是百年难遇。我整夜没睡,我们从东莞送他到广州。我担心他赶不上从迪拜飞回法兰克福的飞机。特别感谢白云机场的总负责人淑朋,她是我十年的朋友。昨天她帮忙协调了阿联酋航空,让他们在迪拜接教授转机。他们也亲自给总部发了邮件,确保教授顺利转机。Stinus 在离开时说:“没有Juin搞不定的事。”送走教授,公关部同事冰雪当场在机场伤心落泪。冰雪与教授一同工作了近8天,一同门诊,一同手术,一同病例讨论,一同去汕尾义诊,一同大师公开课,一同全国爱足日。我们每天一同早餐,我们住在101层如梦如幻的瑰丽酒店,在全亚洲最高的95层酒吧点着蜡烛,喝着小酒,聊着人生。我们去米其林餐厅吃了各色美味,我们陪他去天河城百货买了衣服和皮鞋。我们还看了夕阳,医院在国医馆为他举行了欢迎仪式,为他准备了整个大骨科的欢送晚宴,主任们为他准备了各式特别礼物。我们又仿佛回到了2019年的高光时刻,Stinus教授在中国的每一天都流光溢彩,每天一大群人围着他,热闹非凡。Stinus教授认为在哪儿都是工作,但在中国工作的每一天,他就是电影里的男一号,他能用他的技术找到人生的价值。每一天都如此特别,这就是他想要的人生故事。

When Dr. Stinus left Dongguan, we accompanied him to have a new hairstyle. His flight was delayed for almost 4 hours, which is a very rare case. I stayed up all night and we sent him from Dongguan to Guangzhou. I was worried that he wouldn't be able to catch his flight back to Frankfurt from Dubai. Special thanks to Shu Pang, the chief of Baiyun International Airport, who has been my friend for 10 years. Yesterday she helped coordinate with Emirates Airlines to have them pick up the professor in Dubai for his connecting flight. Their colleague emailed the head office to make sure Dr. Stinus had a smooth transfer. After the whole check-in process, Dr. Stinus said "Juin knows everything." Sending off the professor brought tears to our colleague's eyes in sorrow at the airport. She worked with Dr. Stinus for eight days, in outpatient clinic. In operating room. For case discussion. For voluntary outpatient service in Shanwei City. For academic exchange. For the outpatient activity of “National Foot Day”. We had breakfast together every day. we stayed in the 101st floor of the dreamlike hotel-Guangzhou Rosewood. We shared and talked about our life, with candles lit, drinking in highest bar in Asia on the 95th floor. We went to Michelin restaurants and enjoyed all kinds of delicious food, we accompanied him to the Teemall Guangzhou to buy clothes and shoes. We also watched the sunset on our way bake to Guangzhou. The hospital held a welcome ceremony for him at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, and prepared a farewell dinner for him with all of directors of orthopedics. The directors prepared special gifts for him. It was like we were back to our highlight days of 2019. Every day of Dr. Stinus' stay in China was full of light and color. Every day there are people gathering around him. The difference between working in China and working elsewhere is that, the Chinese colleagues value his devotion and support way beyond his expectations in every working day, being treated like a leading character in one movie. Every day is a special day, and this is the story he wants to tell in his life.



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