He who saw the nature of life shows great compassion

2023-05-31 10:19:20 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 9



I flew to Shanghai yesterday and worked at the hotel, discussing with my colleague until late last night. I told her the last words my father gave me- He advised me should never think too highly of money in this lifetime. Overemphasizing money will ultimately lead to losing more precious things, even my life. "If you don't value money more than anything, then there's nothing anyone can do to hold you." I think my father is really great because he understands how strong the backfire of the money is. A thousand gold coins spent, more will turn up again. My father's life went through wars, turmoil, national downfall, natural disasters, and family decline. He was able to survive, and he had already seen the nature of life. He offered his property in the prime location of central Chongqing - a house located at 78, Zaozilanya Street to the government, where the government settled 9 families in the house for decades, and the first floor of it was transformed into a state-owned barber shop and grocery store after new China was founded. He lived in the apartments allocated by Sino-hydro Engineering Bureau 8 for his entire life, and had been involved in the construction of national key projects. He participated in the construction of the world's most tragic highway of Sichuan-Tibet Highway.“Fish Mouth Project” at Dujiang Dam. And China's first limestone hydropower station. But he never had a house of his own in his whole life, but he lived a peaceful, happy and respected life. He has been away from us for 26 years and there are so many people missing him. He who saw the nature of life shows great compassion. He who being missed by the loved ones is still alive. Gloryren brings together a group of world-renowned experts with extraordinary ideals and visionary aspirations to do the most valuable work for Chinese hospitals, and each of their names will always be remembered by Chinese doctors. This is the value and significance of their work in China. China will definitely bring them extraordinary experiences and life stories. We need to remember those who hold us close in the dark. Those who make us laugh. Those who chat with us. Those who travel long distances to visit us. Those who take us around. Those who say they miss us. These are the people who share warmth with us in our lives. It is the warmth that keeps us away from the gray. It is the warmth that makes us kind people.


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