Come and visit Luoyang where Liu Yuxi wrote down

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洛阳居天下之中,有5000多年文明史,4000多年城市史,1500多年建都史,是华夏文明的发祥地之一、丝绸之路的东方起点、隋唐大运河的中心,历史上先后有13个王朝在此建都,是我国建都最早、历时最长、朝代最多的城市 。洛阳有世界文化遗产,世界上造像最多、规模最大的石刻艺术宝库-龙门石窟;有佛教传入中国后兴建的第一座官办寺院、世界各地佛教信徒参拜的圣地“天下第一寺”-白马寺;还有中国第一女皇武则天登基的“天下第一门”-应天门。河南省洛阳正骨医院始建于1956年,现有五个院区,开放床位2400余张;年诊疗病人约56万人次。是华中地区乃至全中国最具影响力的中医骨伤专科医院。自2020年起,仁医医疗携手河南省洛阳正骨医院(河南省骨科医院)共同召开3场全球直播,6场闭门会议,先后邀请到世界微创脊柱大师Mayer教授,AO Spine创伤知识论坛主席Schnake教授,德国膝关节学会主席von Eisenhart-Rothe教授,德国骨科与骨外科协会运动创伤分会主席Siebert教授,中德骨科与创伤外科交流学会候任主席Frosch教授,德国关节镜与关节外科协会大会秘书Haasters教授,德国骨科与创伤外科学会年会主席Dreinhöfer教授,德国足踝协会前任主席Dohle教授就医院管理、微创脊柱外科、关节外科、足踝外科、运动医学、康复医学等主题进行交流。来一次洛阳吧,花开时节动京城。如果时光可以流转,我愿在繁华似锦的古都洛阳与你们分享散入春风满洛城。

Luoyang is situated on the central plain of China. With a history of more than 5000 years of civilization, more than 4000 years of urban history, and more than 1500 years of acting as the capital of ancient dynasties. It is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, the eastern origination of the Silk Road and the center of the Sui and Tang Grand Canal. 105 emperors of 13 dynasties set their capitals in Luoyang during China’s history. It was the capital city for the longest period, the most dynasties, and the earliest time compared with the other ancient capital cities. Luoyang has rich world heritages. Longmen Grottoes is the world's largest treasure trove of stone inscriptions with the largest number of statues. The White Horse Temple is the first temple built since Buddhism spread to China. It is also known as the Top 1 Temple in China which attracts Buddhists all over the world. The Yingtian Gate is the Top 1 Gate in China where China's first and only empress Wu Zetian was enthroned. Luoyang Orthopedic-Traumatological Hospital of Henan Province was founded in 1956. With 5 campuses and more than 2400 beds. It receives around 560,000 patients annually. It is the most influential specialized hospital for traditional Chinese orthopedics and traumatology in central China and even in China. Since 2020, 3 global webcast and 6 webinar have been held jointly by Gloryren and Luoyang Orthopedic-Traumatological Hospital of Henan Province. Internationally-known top experts including Prof. Mayer, the worldwide renowned minimally invasive spine expert. Dr. Schnake, the Chair of the Knowledge Forum Trauma of the AO Spine. Prof. von Eisenhart-Rothe, the President of German Knee Society. Prof. Siebert, the Chair of the Sports Traumatology Section of German Society for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery. Prof. Frosch, the President-Elect of the German-Chinese Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery. Prof. Haasters, the Congress Secretary of Society for Arthroscopy and Joint-Surgery of German Speaking Countries.  Prof. Dreinhöfer, the Former President of German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Dr. Dohle, the Former President of German Foot and Ankle Association, were invited to give lectures on hospital management, minimally-invasive spine surgery, joint surgery, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine and rehabilitation. Come and visit Luoyang where Liu Yuxi wrote down. “The peony has a sensational charm to captivate the entire capital when it blooms.” If time could turn back. I would like to spend time with you in the flourishing ancient capital of Luoyang, where the spring breeze fills the city.


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