Everyone should be aware of your biggest aspiration

2023-04-17 18:35:39 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 31



当今中国普通人投资房子车子都不如投资自已,房子车子全都是身外之物,而且根本不值钱,没有任何意义。今生今世我不会再在中国买任何一套房子,我儿子也不会买房。租房子也非常好。而且灵活自如,可以在全世界居住,品味不同的非凡人生。2004年那一年,我为自已投资了80万到了德国,那是我人生第一次出国,我从香港飞到了柏林,那时很多人都笑话我,花这么多钱出国意义何在?如果我当年没有去德国各大著名医院访问学习,了解德国医院的医院管理,学科建设,人才培养。凭着我的学历,我现在真的是连工作都没有了。多年来,我一共漫游了全球48个国家,不断学习沉淀。我现在与世界上最伟大的186位著名医生一同工作。这份工作让我明白了生命的意义。每一个人在这一生之中都应当找到人生的意义,如果你找不到人生的意义,你的灵魂就无法被点燃。所以每一个人都应知道你人生的大愿。中国的医疗现状:官员不懂医院,院长不懂人才,医生不懂认知。大部分人只关心金钱和利益,没有梦想和救死扶伤, 让广大病人失望至极。医患矛盾只会加剧。中国医疗需要有正直的官员,有作为的院长,有国际视野的医生,中国医院才能更好造福百姓。医院才会有价值有信用,医生才会有尊严且受人尊重。

Today, it is better for ordinary people to invest in themselves instead of houses and cars. Those are mere worldly possessions, valueless and meaningless. I will not buy another house in China for the rest of my life and neither will my son. Renting is a rather good option. It is more flexible. And it allows us to move anywhere in the world conveniently, to taste different, extraordinary lifestyles. In 2004, I invested 800 thousand yuan in myself to go to Germany. It was the first time that I had travelled abroad. I flew from Hong Kong to Berlin. At that time, many people laughed at me. They didn’t understand why I spent so much money on trips to Germany. But if I had not visited a large number of famous hospitals in Germany, to learn about their hospital management, specialty construction and talent cultivation. I would not have been able to have a nice job with my education background only. In the last two decades, I have studied and worked in 48 countries across the world and gained a lot. Now I am working with 186 world-known experts. The job taught me the meaning of life. Everyone should find the meaning of life in their lifetime. If you fail to find it, your soul cannot be lit up. It is important for everyone to be aware of their biggest aspiration. Currently in the Chinese medical industry, the government officials don’t pay enough attention in hospitals, the hospital presidents don’t attach enough importance to talents, and doctors don't form an appropriate understanding of their career. Most people only care about their benefits. They don’t carry the dream of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, which is utterly disappointing to the patients. This indeed will increase the tension between doctors and patients. The Chinese medical industry needs upright officials, capable presidents and doctors with an international vision. So that Chinese hospitals can provide better services to people. Only in this way will the hospital be valuable and reliable. Only in this way will the doctors be dignified and respected.


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