International Spine Master Klaus John Schnake will Join International Department Co-construction of Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital

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Time flies so fast

that there are only six months left in 2019.

Is there any big event in the second half of this year?

In addition to Mid-Autumn Festival for family reunion


and jubilant National Day,


the 2nd Sino-EuroInternational Orthopedics Summit 2019 is also coming!


The eye-catching point of this summit falls on the live surgery broadcasts on September 20th, 2019. Nine international renowned orthopedic masters, together with 11 domestic orthopedic experts, will carry out live surgery broadcasts at eight hospitals in Shanghai and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

At Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital, one of the hospitals, a minimally invasive spine master from Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Germany will cooperate with Prof. Dadi Jin, the president of Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital, to conduct a minimally invasive spine surgery.

What is special about this German Spine Master?

He released 97 publications on PubMed.

He delivered over 320 national and international scientific and educational presentations.

In 2019 he was also awarded as“Top Spine Surgery Surgeon by FOCUS


he is...

Dr. Klaus John Schnake


Chair, Center for Spinal and Scoliosis Therapy,

Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Germany


Dr. Schnake obtained Certificate for Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgeons, General Surgeon Certificate and Certificate of Excellence by German Spine Society.

The types of surgeries that Dr. Schnake is good at include degenerative, trauma, deformity, infection and tumor with a wide operation range from C0 to Sacrum.



•2018, Board Member of the German Spine Society (DWG)

•2017, Chair of the Spine Section of the German Orthopedic and Trauma Society

•2015, Member of the Knowledge Forum Spinal Trauma of the AOSpine

•2014, Member of the Adivsory Board European Spine Journal

•2015-2018, Member of Lunch Symposia and Pre-Meeting Committee EuroSpine

•2015-2018, International Chair AOSpine Community Development

Introduction of Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Germany

Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Germany locates at the heart of Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen metropolitan area.


Schön Klinik Group has set 19 chain hospitals with 4,500 beds and up to 13,000 doctors. Excellent medical conditions, professional technology and services promote the hospitals to render more efficient treatment, providing the best medical services for nearly 300,000 patients each year, with patient satisfaction as high as 99.1%. There are totally 35 orthopaedic experts from the

Group ranking as top orthopaedic experts in FOCUS magazine.


Founded in 1994, Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Germany has become an orthopaedic hospital under Schön Klinik Group in 2013. In addition to 200 beds set, several special centers have been established such as the center for spinal and scoliosis therapy, the center for orthopaedic and trauma surgery and joint surgery .In 2019 Schön Klinik Nürnberg Fürth, Germany was listed in the FOCUS Top National Hospital List 2019 as “Top National Spine Surgery Hospital”. Many patients come from Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Russia and other countries.  The hospital has a four-star fashion hotel which is directly connected with the inpatient department. Its all-glass pyramid shape is designed to meet the treatment needs from many overseas patients.

The domestic expert working with Dr. Schnake also has an influential background.


Dadi Jin

President, Professor, Chief Surgeon and Doctoral Supervisor

Work Experience

• University of Zurich, Switzerland, AP fellowship, 1992-1993

• Director of The Third Affiliated Hospital, Southern Medical University and the department of orthopaedic, 2008-2015

•  Director of Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital and the department of orthopaedics, professor of the department of orthopaedics, Southern Medical University, 2018 to date


• A member of Société Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie (SICOT), 2012

• Vice president of Société Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie (SICOT), 2012

• The 1st and 2nd vice president of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Orthopaedic Society, 2007-2014

• The 5th and 6th vice president of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine Spine and Spinal Cord Injury Society, 2009-2017

• The 8th and 9th president of Guangdong Medical Association Orthopaedic Society, 2009-2015

• Vice president of International Chinese Spine Society (ICSS), 2012 to date

• Vice president of Bethune Charitable Foundation Orthopaedic Committee, 2016 to date

• Executive Director of the 36th SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress, 2015, Guangzhou, China

Professional Achievement

1. Build a new classification system of thoracolumbar fracture, 2000

2. Fixed the odontoid fracture with one single hollow screw through the anterior approach, 1999

3. Carried out the one-stage debridement, interbody fusion and internal fixation in patients with the exudative spinal tuberculosis, 2004

4. Developed three spinal internal fixation systems independently which were widely used in clinical practice, 2000

Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital,

the Hospital where Dr. Schnake will Carry Out the Live Surgery Broadcast

Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital is a newly built orthopaedic special hospital with international medical standards. It features minimally invasive and accurate diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of limbs and spine of children and adults, and provides high-quality medical services for all sectors of society.


Guangzhou Huaxin Orthopaedic Hospital employs internationally and domestically renowned orthopaedic experts as chief experts and subject leaders. The team of hospital experts has strong technical strength. Relying on the strong strength of Huaxin Fineland Group and supported by the first-class medical, teaching and scientific research in orthopaedics of Southern Medical University, Huaxin Orthopaedics Hospital has leading technical advantages in the following fields: 1. Minimally invasive treatment on Pain, 2. Minimally invasive treatment on cervical and lumbar disc herniation, 3. Minimally invasive treatment on limb and spine fractures, 4. Minimally invasive treatment on severe and complex pelvic fractures, 5. Minimally invasive treatment on joint and sport injuries, 6. Minimally invasive treatment on femoral head necrosis, 7. Minimally invasive artificial joint replacement, 8. Minimally invasive treatment on children's injuries and diseases of limbs, spin, 9. Minimally invasive comprehensive treatment on bone and soft tissue tumors, 10. Deformity correction of limbs and spine and other fields.

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