Life never gives up in spite of high winds

2023-03-01 14:52:47 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 37



"The days of only the disgraced making money in China are over",said Wang Zhigang, a famous Chinese economist. China is improving, and it will continue to improve as all industries are well regulated. Last year, the Chinese government clearly put forward the goal of common prosperity. The government has invested a lot in hospitals, first in infrastructure construction, then in equipment purchases, and now in supporting national key specialties. And the China Scholarship Council provides funds for Chinese doctors to study abroad as doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers and visiting fellows. At the meantime, Guangdong Province selected a group of high-level hospitals and invested heavily in them. All these show our country's firm belief of medical talents cultivation. It only took China 40 years to transform from a less developed country to the second largest economy in the world. What Gloryren accomplished in the last four and a half years will never be forgotten. The presidents of every hospital we work with are particularly devoted. Their department directors pay high attention to specialty construction and talent cultivation. We have also seen many ambitious young doctors. They are the hope of Chinese hospitals. Medical care is an inheritable undertaking, which teaches us to be kindhearted, pragmatic and hard-working. As French poet Paul Valéry wrote in his poem, The Graveyard by the Sea, “Life never gives up in spite of high winds ”. Let us march forward bravely and never endingly until victory. Let us discover more and more great Chinese hospitals and doctors.


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