50 World-Class Experts Will Soon Visit Grade-III A Hospitals in China

2023-02-06 10:39:23 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 48




When I was a child, my father taught me to love our country, that only by this can we keep our warm lights on and our family safe. I flew from Hong Kong to Berlin for the first time in 2004. After 7 days of work, I learned that the hospitals in Germany were really high level hospitals. But I can not relate to this because they are not in my home country. I visited a president in Changsha right before our Chinese New Year holiday. He told me that all those who do not love their own country certainly do not love their friends around them, and he never associates with such people. Many so-called successful entrepreneurs have changed their identities after making a lot of money, but they forget that their success today is due to the rapid development of China in the past 40 years. Being treated with privilege every time visiting German hospitals are attributable to the strength of my home countryI wouldnt be anyone important for German Hospitals without China's greatness behind me. How wonderful my home country is, with 5000 years of glorious history and being one of four ancient civilizations. This is how the Chinese New Year 2023 is celebrated in Chinese cities after the pandemic. We will have nearly 50 world-renowned experts as international visiting professors in Chinese Grade-III A hospitals starting in April this year. Beijing is the capital of China. Shanghai is the financial center. Nanjing is the Capital of Six Dynasties. Xi‘an preserves and re-presents the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty as its capital. Suzhou‘s elegance lies in the small bridges and meandering streams. Wuxi is a dreamlike antique town. Guangzhou is the Greater Bay Area to-be. Luoyang is the Capital of Thirteen Dynasties located in the central plain of China. You will perceive the real China and the beauty of it once you are here. I am always grateful that I was born and raised in such a country.


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