Wealth flows like water, Peace stands like gold

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今年除夕我为父亲订的点心,真正的中式糕点,从浙江邮寄过来,今天放在他遗相面前,他应该会很开心。1月21日父亲去世已经25周年了。我每天都在想念他。《寻梦环游记》中说:“真正的死亡,是这世上再没有人记得你。” 所以记得,就是活着。他说我长大了应该穿真丝旗袍,戴珍珠耳环。所以我订制了60多条手工旗袍。整日戴着一幅Mikimoto的珍珠耳环。我常常想他若活着,我会带着他乘汉莎航空去德国走走。我陪他住最好酒店,请他吃米其林大餐,陪他去古老的咖啡厅,我们手挽手在莱茵河畔散步。他是我的男神,也是我的靠山。我父亲是一个活得特别通透的人,他把重庆黃金地段渝中区枣子岚垭78号的一幢别墅给了国家,当年国家安置了九户人家住在里面长达几十年。1987年他工作的中国水电八局有福利房可买,他却没有买房,他这一生都没有自已的房子。他却从来没有觉得他过得不好,我们的三口之家过得无比幸福,我人生的高光时刻就是在贵州乌江小镇的童年时光。他离开我们已经25年了,还有这么多人怀念他,因为他从来都明白钱财毕竟是身外之物。我们最重要的是生命和真正的人生。我真的希望可以终生工作,因为我的工作可以帮助和影响每一家中国三甲医院和愿意进步的优秀医生。地球自转亿万年,世上分日夜,夏至太阳照在北回归线上,日长夜短,冬至则相反。为什么人类只能在这奇异星球上短暂存活几十载?却还要受尽各种苦楚?生命为什么这样吃苦?只因人心贪婪。所以我们要把每一天每一刻的时光过好。因为生命仅此一次,无比珍贵。我就是要这个世界有一束光为我而打,我就是要有一个舞台为我而亮,我就是要这个世界上有一些人为我而来,这非常非常重要。2023年来了,富贵三春景,平安两字金,愿天下所有人新春吉祥。万事尽头,终将如意。

I ordered some authentic Chinese pastry mailed from Zhejiang province for my father this New Year’s Eve. He would have been happy seeing his favorite. He has been gone for 25 years, and I miss him every day. There’s a quote in the movie Coco. "The real death is that no one in the world remembers you." Death is not the end of life, forgetting is. He used to say that I would grow up as a lady dressed in silk Qipao, wearing pearl earrings. And I still remember his words today, and that's why I customize more than 60 hand-made Qipao and always wear a pair of pearl earrings from Mikimoto. If he were still with us, we would travel to Germany via Lufthansa, stay in the luxury hotel, enjoy a Michelin feast, take a sip in an old Café, and walk hands in hands along the Rhine. My father is my hero, my backup.My father is a man with great wisdom. He donated his property, a mansion in prime location in Chongqing, to the local government, where the government resettled nine families in for decades. In 1987, SinoHydro Engineering Bureau 8 Co., Ltd, where my father used to work at, launched government-subsidized housing, but he did not buy one, or own any property his whole life. However, he is very content with his life. Our family of three had a happy life in a small town of Wujiang in Guizhou province, which I cherish the most.My father has been gone for 25 years, until today there are still many people missing him. I know he's a man who counts money for little, and he thinks nothing is more important than living a real life, and this helps shape my life philosophy. I hope that I can work for a lifetime to help every ambitious and excellent doctor and each Grade Three Level A hospital in China. The Earth has been rotating for billions of years, and the world is divided into days and nights. The Earth orbits the Sun making longer days and shorter nights in summer and vice versa in winter. Humans live a short life on this beautiful planet, but some of them live with pain and hates. Why? Because they have a greedy heart. And thats why we should cherish every day of our life because we only live once. All I want is that there is a beam of light especially lighting up for me, that there is a stage specially set up for me and that there are people especially coming up for me. Wealth flows like water, Peace stands like gold, 2023 is here, and I wish all a happy Chinese New Year and everything will be okay in the end.



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