The storms of wintry time will pass soon, and one unbounded Spring encircles all

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2023年是全新开年,从4月开始,每个月会有世界著名关键学术领袖来到中国三甲医院工作。9月15日第三届中欧国际骨科高峰会手术直播将在中国八家三甲医院做全球直播。全球各大著名学会将做全球转播。9月16日我们将在如梦如幻的中国苏州举办2023 SEOS中欧医院管理论坛。全球才俊将逐梦2023 SEOS。

2023年11月27日至30日,中德两国院长将在慕尼黑大学附属医院,慕尼黑哈拉兴骨科医院和哥廷根大学医疗中心分别举行三场中德两国院长最高级别会谈。我们离世界上最好的医院还有多远?看全球医疗资源:今年中国每千人口的医疗床位数6.7张,而2020年,韩国12.65张,日本12.63张,德国7.82张;2020年,我国每10万人ICU床位4.5张,德国28.2张,美国21.6张,法国16.4张,日本13.8张,全球平均10张。中国医院一直都在努力成为更好的自已。我觉得自已无比幸运,星期六早晨可以安静地坐下来吃早餐,读自已喜爱的书,做自已热爱的工作,这份工作可是终生的。我们汇聚了充满非凡理想和远大抱负的年轻人,任何时候我们都可以相互依靠。李友平说:“我们必须要热爱我们的国家,只有爱国才能让我们的公司兴旺发达。” 听山河把春风酿成千言万语。三年时光,生命那么多苦楚挫折磨难失意无奈,居然也一一克服,静时想起,还觉得时光飞逝,转瞬寒冬将至,春终将会来。


The pandemic broke out in January 2020. Many enterprises could not survive in this case. But Gloryren makes steady progress every year. We did much better in 2021 than in 2020. The performance in 2022 doubled that in 2021. I truly understand the saying that the cart will find its way round the hill when it gets there. In February 2020, we stayed at home for 3 weeks, waiting for the fading of the midst of the pandemic. Our team is very united. The executives of the hospitals think highly of us. The doctors trust us a lot. There are even many patients who are very grateful to us. I realize that this can be a lifetime endeavor for us. 2023 will be a brand new start.

Starting from April. Every month there will be world-class academic key opinion leaders visiting Grade Three Class A hospitals in China. On September 15, the Live Surgery Broadcast of the third Sino-Euro International Orthopedics Summit will be globally live streaming at eight Grade Three Class A hospitals in China. And this will be promoted by international well-known scientific societies. On September 16, the Sino-German Hospital Management Forum of SEOS 2023 will be held in Suzhou, China, a picturesque city. Talents across the globe will pursue their dream and present themselves on SEOS 2023.

From November 27 to 30, the hospital presidents from China and Germany will hold three talks at the highest level, respectively at the University Hospital of Munich, Schoen Clinic Munich Harlaching and the University Medical Center of Göttingen. How far are we from the best hospital in the world? Have a look at the global medical data. This year, the number of hospitals beds for per thousand people in China is 6.7. In 2020, the number in South Korea is 12.65. In Japan it is 12.63 and in Germany it is 7.82. In 2020, the number of ICU beds for per hundred thousand people in China is 4.5. In Germany it is 28.2. In the US it is 21.6. In France it is 16.4. In Japan it is 13.8. On a global scale, it is 10. The hospitals in China have been striving to be a better version of themselves. I feel so lucky that I can enjoy my breakfast every weekend, read the books I like devote to the career I love. This is a lifetime endeavor. Our team consists of young people full of extraordinary ideals and ambitions. We can rely on each other at any time. One of our colleagues Li Youping said that. We must love our motherland. Our affection to our country makes our company prosperous. May the spring breeze bring along thousands of words to you across the mountains and the rivers. In the past three years, we suffered from so many hardships, frustrations, discouragement, disappointment and we have gone through all of these. Every time I think of this, I sigh that how fast time flies. The storms of wintry time will pass soon, and one unbounded Spring encircles all



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