I miss my youth when we were beautiful as flowers and the time flew as water

2022-12-26 11:11:38 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 39



How I miss Germany. In 2004, I flew from Hongkong to Berlin. I visited the Free University of Berlin and the Humboldt University of Berlin. This started my lifetime connection with Germany. In 2005, Helen and I visited Germany and we had our first Christmas here. I used to go to the morning market for some fresh fruits, and then go back to the cafe of the hotel for breakfast. I have never slept so soundly, even without dreams. The Germans are very conscientious. I feel secure when being with them. That’s why we can be good friends. In addition to my beloved motherland. Germany is my favorite country in my life. I miss the people there. I miss the food there, as well as the mountains and rivers there. The pandemic is over. With all these green hills and blue waters, we shall meet here again some day. It is a great pleasure to meet you in my life. The moments in the past and in the future will be unforgettably beautiful. Tonight is the Christmas Eve. I got up early and made a bread this morning. This year I have made nearly 100 breads. Tomorrow is Christmas. I did some grocery shopping this morning. It is around 25℃ outside today in Guangzhou and I feel so warm when I was strolling on the street. Every Christmas I cook by myself and invite my father to dinner as if he were still with us. He has been deceased for nearly 25 years and I have been missing him everyday, no matter when I am in beautiful cities or at the cafes bathed in sunshine. My father is the only person who treats me as a treasure. Looking back at my whole life, it is a quite simple story. I like it when the sun is shining on my face, lighting up my day with happiness and beauty. I recall my childhood a lot, our house, the mountain, the field, the Wujiang River, the spring outings, the festivals... I miss my youth when we were beautiful as flowers and the time flew as water. Merry christmas. If we have the chance to meet again after such a long time. I hope that you are well.



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