A country will be strong only if it has a strong talent base and a strong healthcare system

2022-12-12 15:47:00 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 33


12月2日晚中国时间22:00,慕尼黑大学附属医院Stief院长全英文面试了广州医科大学第五附属医院泌尿外科刘光阳医生。这次面试讨论了刘医生的研究主题和未来两年在德国的博士学习安排。Stief院长是德国国家科学院370年首位泌尿外科领域院士。德国国家科学院源于1652年成立的利奥波第那科学院(Leopoldina),是世界上最古老的科学院,也是德国最古老的自然科学和医学领域的联合会,同时也是世界上存续时间最长的学术机构(研究中心)。德国国家科学院近1500位院士来自德国各地和世界上30多个国家。至2022年,先后有187位诺贝尔奖获得者为德国科学院院士,其中,不乏居里夫人(Marie Curie),达尔文(Charles Darwin)、爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein)等。德国国家科学院向政府提供科学咨询,并在所有国际科学事务上代表德国。刘光阳医生也是Stief院长亲自在中国招收的第一位临床医学MD博士。两周后Stief教授与其团队科研负责人将会和刘医生讨论博士论文的研究计划。刘医生将在明年3月开始申请国家公派出国留学CSC奖学金。我们有30位中国医生将在2023年飞赴德国各大著名医院与世界顶级大师一同学习和工作。这一定是他们人生特别体验,只有人才强 ,医疗强,国家才会强。


At 22:00 on December 2, Prof. Stief from the University Hospital of Munich interviewed Liu Guangyang, a young urologist from the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, and discussed the research topic and plan for his upcoming doctoral study in Germany. Prof. Stief is the first and only urologist of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. The German National Academy of Sciences was founded in 1652, making it the world’s oldest continuously existing science academy, and the oldest federation in natural science and medicine in Germany. The Leopoldina unites around 1,500 Academy members from over 30 countries. Among all the members, 187 Nobel Prize laureates are counted. The members include, among others, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein. The Leopoldina represents the German scientific community internationally, and provides policymakers and the public with science-based advice. In China, Liu Guangyang’s MD program is the first one that Prof. Stief is personally directly involved in all aspects. In the coming two weeks, Prof. Stief and the Head of the research lab will have another video conference with Liu Guangyang to discuss the specific research project for his dissertation. Liu Guangyang is applying for a scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Coundil in 2023. Around 30 Chinese doctors are going to Germany for their further study in prestigious hospitals under the guidance of world-class top experts. This must be a life-time special experience. A country will be strong only if it has a strong talent base and a strong healthcare system.


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