China is the most promising country

2022-11-22 10:30:20 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 70





In 2004, I went on my first business trip to a famous hospital in Germany. From that day on, I knew that I must never leave my home country. Working with lots of world-renowned experts and being treated with privilege every time visiting German university hospitals are attributable to the strength of my home country. Most of the internationally renowned key academic leaders believe that China is the most promising country. When I invite the experts to visit Grade-III A hospitals in China, they think that they are recognized by our country. I have always had the self-knowledge that I wouldnt be anyone important in their minds without China's greatness behind me. Once a Chinese woman leaves her motherland, no matter how capable you are, no one will let her stand in the central position. They will only offer the central position to their own scientists. One can only be a supporting role when they are abroad. If you are a Chinese, you can always have the possibility to be the leading role when you are in cooperation with all European and American university hospitals.


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