Preview: the World’s Great Doctors - Prof. Werner Talks to Gloryren

2022-10-31 15:22:26 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 15


昨晚23:00才下班到家,收获良多。我们与德国普外科与内脏外科学会主席、慕尼黑大学附属医院普外科主任Prof. Werner主任开会近两小时。他告诉我们:“医疗包含医院、医生和病人。最重要的是病人。医生的重点就是你的病人,医生所有的一切都是病人给予你的。你若关爱病人,病人才会信任你,你若没有善待病人,病人的内心就会有压力。即使手术做得再成功,他也很难治愈。治愈每一个病人应该从心出发。”其实普通医生是专注于看门诊和做手术,优秀医生是你身边有一群人才,你可以带领整个团队用高效经济的方式运营一个国际知名的科室。即使主任不在,你搭建的组织架构都能如常运转。你为病人、同事、来访者营造了一个舒适的环境,善待病人,让每一个医生以你为标杆,言传身教。顶级医生是你可以改变病人的命运,改变整个学科在全国乃至全世界的影响力。你就是这个世界伟大的医生。Prof. Werner今年在中国招收了两位临床医学博士,分别是来自武汉的李医生和来自北京的丁医生。李医生已于2022年9月底抵达慕尼黑,正式开始博士学习生涯。丁医生将于2023年2月前往慕尼黑。

Last night I did not arrive home until 11 pm. We benefited a lot from the interview with Prof. Werner, the Chair of General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery at LMU and President of German Society for General and Visceral Surgery. Healthcare is all about the hospitals, doctors and patients. Prof. Werner is convinced that the patients are the most important. The focus of a doctor should be patients. Patient care is where a doctor is rewarded most from. Patients will only trust a doctor if they are treated with a caring attitude, otherwise, the patients will be stressed, which may cause complications despite good clinical results. Part of the healing is not about the medical procedures and should be done from the doctor's heart. A qualified doctor concentrates more on outpatient consultation and surgeries. An excellent chief makes themselves surrounded by right persons, and runs an internationally renowned center in an efficient and cost-effective way together with and makes sure that even the chief is away, the well-organized center can still run at full capacity. They are committed to creating a comfortable environment for patients, co-workers and visitors. They treat the patients well, trying to be a role model for the young surgeons. A top doctor is the person who is able to change the destiny of the patients, and promote the influence of a certain field in the country or even around the world. These are the world’s great doctors. Prof. Werner has accepted two M.D. applications in China, namely Li from Wuhan and Ding from Beijing. Li has arrived in Munich and has started the doctoral study in September 2022. Ding will be heading to Munich in February 2023.


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