Healthcare - Foundation of a Great Power

2022-10-08 11:52:31 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 62



In the past 22 months, Gloryren held nearly 100 Sino-German internal meetings, among which we interviewed 15 of the world’s great doctors. Some are fellows of German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, some are Presidents of influential international societies, others are key academic leaders and Medical Directors at prestigious hospitals in Germany. We found the truth of what makes a great doctor. An insufferably arrogant person cannot be a doctor. A person who shows no respect to the patients cannot be a doctor. A person who shows no respect to the co-workers cannot be a doctor. A person without a caring heart and empathy cannot be a doctor. An old Chinese saying goes that he whose virtue does not reach the level of the Buddha cannot be a doctor. Doctor is a notable profession who can change the fate of many people.


For patients, doctors is the sky who can protect them, and doctors is the earth who can support them. Doctor should be a breath of fresh air in this materialistic society. We are not able to change the system. But we are able to improve promising hospitals in China as many as possible. We can try our best to make more Chinese doctors humble and sincere. Only in this way, can the doctor-patient relationship be more and more positive. Can the doctors gain more respect and recognition from the public. A great doctor must make their own decisions and judgement independently.


China is a large country and bound to be a strong power in the future. The development of healthcare is the foundation of a strong power. To further develop the healthcare, a global-thinking mindset is necessary. This is a mission of a country.



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