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Prof. Stöckle现任柏林夏洛特大学综合医院肌肉骨骼外科中心行政院长和大主任、他也是AO Trauma德国区主席。从2019年起,柏林夏洛特大学综合医院连续3年被美国《新闻周刊》评选为欧洲排名第一的综合医院,Prof. Stöckle领导的柏林夏洛特大学医院肌肉骨骼外科中心也在美国《新闻周刊》最佳骨科榜单连续两年被评选为全球第三。在2004年以前的德国,骨科与创伤外科是两个独立的学科。在中国大多数医院,骨科是大科,而创伤外科是隶属骨科的一个亚专科。早在2003年,Prof. Stöckle与同事们敏锐地察觉到这两个学科日常工作的重合以及合并后可能带来的协同效应,他们进行了学科改革,建立了全德国第一个肌肉骨骼外科中心。作为AO Trauma德国区主席,他鼓励同行积极参与国际学术研讨,推动学科发展、提高临床水平。2022年Prof. Stöckle在中国武汉、贵阳、佛山、重庆四家三甲医院接收了四位临床医学MD博士。上周四下午Stöckle教授专门与仁医医疗国际公共关系部门负责创伤、关节、运动医学的同事们一同召开了一场全英文闭门会议,讨论四位中国临床医学博士生的项目进展和细节。目前所有中国医生已拿到了导师的邀请函,并提交了学历认证,正在等待大学博士委员会的审核,通过后可拿到大学临床医学博士的录取通知书。他们学成归国将回到自已所在的城市和医院,他们中的每一位医生都将在各自领域成为具有“全球思考”思维模式的学科带头人和新生代医生,为中国医疗事业发光发热,添砖加瓦。

Prof. Stöckle is the Managing Director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery (CMSC) of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the President of AO Trauma Germany. Since 2019, Charité has been ranked as the best hospital in Europe by the U.S. Newsweek for consecutive three years. And the CMSC led by Prof. Stöckle has been ranked among the TOP 3 orthopedics-specialized hospitals by the U.S. Newsweek for consecutive 2 years. In Germany, Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics used to be two independent fields before 2004. Whereas in most hospitals in China, Trauma Surgery is still a sub-specialty of Orthopedics. As early as 2003, the team at Charité had been keenly aware of the overlap of, the daily work of the two fields and the potential synergy resulting from merger. They then get started reforming and later established the first Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery in Germany. As the President of AO Trauma Germany, he calls for active engagement in international exchanges, to further develop the field and the individual clinical expertise of the colleagues. In 2022, Prof. Stöckle decided to accept four M.D. doctoral students from hospitals respectively in Wuhan, Guiyang, Foshan and Chongqing in China. Last Thursday afternoon, Prof. Stöckle held an internal meeting with the PR team at Gloryren. Discussing the progress and details of the four mentioned M.D. programs. All applicants have received the invitation letter and submitted an application for eligibility check, and are now waiting for the approval from the doctoral committee, after which they will received admission letters from the university. They will return to their affiliation in China after getting the degree. Each of them will become key-opinion leader and new-generation surgeon, with global-thinking mindset in their own field, making important contributions to the healthcare in China.


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