The essence of healthcare in China is universal healthcare

2022-09-21 14:49:09 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 65




“Even if I have a thousand lives, I am ready to dedicate them all to my motherland”. This is the oath of Yan Fuqing, the founder of Xiangya Medical School, to our motherland. At Yale University, he was the first Asian to get a doctoral degree in medicine. He had declined the well-paid offer from the U.S., resolutely returned to the war-torn motherland, and founded Xiangya Medical School, which is the cradle of the most prestigious talents in healthcare. They are the mainstays of the healthcare in China. There should be more doctors like Yan Fuqing in China now. Can Xiangya Hospital serve the whole China with its own strength? Of course not. The point of healthcare in China is to develop the primary care and to serve the public. The strategy is to develop the Grade Three Class A hospitals in the smaller cities into hospitals that are comparable with the ones in first-tier cities. This is the key to success of healthcare in Germany. The overall medical quality in Germany is homogeneous. Even in a small town, there are world-class specialties. The patients can get appropriate treatments for all kinds of diseases without traveling a long way to the capital. The essence of healthcare in China is universal healthcare. This is the foundation and prerequisite of hospitals in China. For a country, the most important thing is to have advanced technology, well-developed medicine and popularized educationand that people live in peace and contentment, and that the society is free under a nomocracy. This is the motherland where I grow up, which makes my eyes always brimming with tears.


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