Sino-German Knee Surgery Live Stream Webinar

2022-09-14 12:13:11 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 60



On Sept. 8th, under the condition that the flight to Zunyi was suspended, Director Fang of Gloryren took a 9-hour high-speed train travel from Shantou to Zunyi, from day to night. Our meetings are not just a zoom meeting, where each participating surgeon goes online on his or her own computer and the company only broadcasts such meetings live on the computer with not so much useful content. For every Sino-German academic webinar, we make sure to set up a venue in the Chinese hospital, and therefore, the invited world famous specialists really get to know the Chinese hospitals and the Chinese doctors. Our 4-person live streaming team also arrived in Zunyi the day before the webinar despite all difficulties, together with a coordinator of the meeting, an interpreter and the vice president of Gloryren. In total, seven members of our team arrived without incident at Orthopedic Ward I of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University. Only by bringing the whole department together for a live stream webinar that this kind of event would be beneficial to the Sino-German academic community and the sharing and gathering of the whole department team would be a real meaningful academic exchange.

That afternoon I called Mrs. Fang and told her, "any difficulties we have must be addressed ourselves, never bother the hospital, and more importantly, we should not bother President Yu, President Wei and Director Peng. The hospital trusts us, we must do our best until we succeed. We absolutely must be capable people, we are capable of helping the Chinese hospitals and Chinese doctors to excel."


On Sept. 9th, from 3pm to 6pm in Beijing time, the team of Orthopedic Ward I of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, headed by Prof. Peng Jiachen, held a three-hour global live webinar on knee surgery with Prof. Petersen, Vice Medical director of the Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin, Germany, Head of the Dept. of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Member of the Board of the German Knee Society. Prof, Petersen and the team of Prof. Peng discussed osteotomy for the treatment of OA, TKA, revision for septic TKA and other topics in knee surgery. Prof. Petersen shared his experience in osteotomy for OA of the knee during the live webinar.

Two cases of revision for bacterial infection fungal infection after TKA were shared by two Chinese speakers. The webinar provides an in-depth clash of Chinese and German academic views on the indications and treatment of knee osteotomy and revision and replacement strategies for infections after TKA.

There were 8,741 views on the promoting article in our WeChat official account and there are 250,000 viewers up to now for the official live-stream webinar. Prof. Petersen also contributed to the global promotion of the webinar before the event. This global live-stream webinar is expected to bring new opportunities for the development of knee surgery to the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University.


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