Benevolent doctors are the future of hospitals in China

2022-08-29 17:28:20 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 54



Last week Dr. Guo, a joint surgeon, showed me a photo. I was shocked and sad. The patient was wearing rubber shoes, whose leg was smashed by a ton of tiles. That was badly mutilated and too appalling to look at. Whose father is he? Whose husband is he? Whose son is he? The field of healthcare should not be capitalized. For thousands of years, hospitals are places of saving lives. Doctor is a profession of racing against death. Healthcare is not a lucrative field, neither now nor in the future, because Chinese hospitals will become more and more standardized. In another 20 years, the majority of the patients will be those born in the 1990s and 2000s, who grow up with new media and transparent information. The era of generating profits through asymmetric information will be gone forever. The hospitals in China must rely on management, specialty construction, talents and systems. All this is only related to the vision of the management and doctors.



In the larger cities and hospitals in China, the doctors always have a sense of superiority from nowhere, as if the patients were begging them for treatment, and they look down on the doctors from smaller cities , thinking their ability is inferior to them. This is really the tragedy of some large hospitals in China. We can tell from a professional perspective that there are many excellent doctors in smaller cities in China. All they need is just a platform to present themselves. It is these doctors who are the future of hospitals in China, because the point of healthcare in China is to develop the primary care. There are still 1 billion people in China who have never taken a flight. If they get seriously ill, they will be like struggling in the dark. They need doctors with noble character and benevolence to guide them in the dark. China is a large country and will be a great power in the future. We need stronger hospitals and more benevolent doctors. An old Chinese saying goes that he whose virtue does not reach the level of the Buddha cannot be a doctor, a doctor must care for the whole world and save all beings.




Last week Dr. Guo left me a message saying that “During my career I have met so many poor patients and many people who cannot afford the treatments because of poverty and family burden. I had tried my best to help a lot of them. I had been satisfied after helping the impoverished, and been upset when I can not help. I used to admire the rich who could do charity and give out their wealth to help whose in need, as the old saying ‘Preserve your dignity when you are nobody; promote social welfare when you are somebody’. Gradually I cultivated my own thought concerning charity. Donating money and materials is charity, but donating ‘surgical skills’ is also charity. Over the last years, I waived a lot ‘surgery fees’ for numerous patients. Although I am not a top surgeon, I helped a lot people in need with this kind of ‘charity of donating surgical skills’. I hope that for the rest of my career, I can help more people in need, people who are struggling for life, people who work hard for their families, and people who contribute to the society”. It is these benevolent doctors who are the future of hospitals in China.


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