Sino-Italian Video Conference on Spinal Tumor

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The Sino-Italian Video Conference on Spinal Tumor was grandly held at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine on August 9, 2022. Prof. Ye Zhaoming, Director of Orthopedic Department, gave a welcome speech for the conference and Dr. Huang Xin, Chief Physician of Orthopedic Department, acted as the moderator of the conference. Prof. Boriani was invited to the conference to share a scientific lecture with the Chinese colleagues online.


Boriani教授是IRCCS 伽拉齐骨科研究所脊柱肿瘤外科主任兼Gspine4教学项目主任,他是世界脊柱肿瘤大师、原发性肿瘤的原始分期系统——WBB系统创始人。他从医经验超过40年,擅长处理脊柱肿瘤、脊柱创伤、感染和退行性病变等脊柱疾病。大会上,Boriani教授分享《脊柱转移瘤的治疗策略》课题,他指出:治疗原发性脊柱肿瘤和脊柱转移瘤的策略和目标大有不同,因此确定肿瘤是原发性还是转移瘤是关键的第一步;另外脊柱转移瘤的治疗策略制定应从以下四个维度综合考虑,即神经学、肿瘤学、脊柱生物力学和全身系统情况,深入浅出为中国同道讲解治疗脊柱转移瘤的经验与心得。

Prof. Boriani, is the Director of Spinal Teaching Program and Head of Spine Tumor Surgery of the GSpine4 Spine Surgery Division IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi Milan. He is a world famous master for spine tumor, author of original staging systems for primary tumors, well known as WBB. With over 40 years experience, he has extensive experience in dealing with spine tumors, spine trauma, infections and degenerative pathologies. At the conference, he shared a lecture titled “Treatment Strategies for Metastatic Spinal Tumors”. He pointed out that the strategies and goals of treating primary spinal tumors and spinal metastases are different, therefore a critical step is to first differentiate between primary tumors and metastases; In addition, the following four parameters should be considered to decide the treatment strategy for spinal metastases: systemic, neurologic, mechanical and oncologic conditions. He gave an in-depth explanation of his experience and insights in the treatment of spinal metastases for the Chinese colleagues.



During the case discussion session, Dr. Lin Peng, Deputy Chief Physician of Orthopedic Department, shared a case report "The treatment of sacral synovial sarcoma", and Dr. Li Xiumao, Deputy Chief Physician of Orthopedic Department, shared a case report "Surgery treatment of spinal metastasis from thyroid carcinoma". Prof. Boriani actively interacted with the Chinese colleagues and patiently answered various questions from the audiences, which helps to open up new ideas for the diagnosis and treatment of metastatic spinal tumors. It is believed that having an academic exchange with an internationally renowned expert in English will broaden their horizons, and will further promote to provide high-quality medical services of international standards for more patients. At the end of the conference, Director Ye Zhaoming once again thanked Prof. Boriani and his colleagues for their wonderful sharing. He also hoped to have more opportunities to communicate with Prof. Boriani on the treatment technology and development of spinal tumor, and looked forward to invite Prof. Boriani to their hospital for deeper academic exchanges after the pandemic is over.



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