Streams are running not for fast but for long

2022-07-25 11:39:19 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 35



这个夏天,许多城市的学霸都陆续收到了北大清华的首封录取通知书。真是他们的高光时刻呀。我从小在一个小镇长大。我在高中读书期间,班主任不喜欢我,体育老师为难我,校长当着全校批评我未来会在社会上碰得头破血流。那年去县城高考时,我差点连住的地方都没有。那年高考,我考得很差,整个七月我整天呆在一个小房间内,内心万分恐惧。我一遍又一遍对自已说:“通向广场的路不止一条” 。后来我去了一个普通的学校,读了中文系。我修读了古代文学、现代文学、当代文学、外国文学。我从《诗经》开始学习中国的诗歌,当时很多人对我说,读中文系未来会找不到工作,但是我非常喜欢文学,我当时还没有想过未来找工作的事情。


This summer, many high school graduates receive their university admission letters. This is one of their lifetime highlights. I grew up in a small town. During my high school, the head teacher didn’t like me, the P.E teacher had prejudice against me, the principal asserted that my life will be full of obstacles in the future. I even could not find a place to stay overnight when I took the college entrance exam in the downtown. I got an unexpectedly low score in the college entrance exam. I stayed in a cramped room for the whole of July with wholehearted scare and confusion to the future. I encouraged myself with the saying “There are many roads to square” thousands of times. At the end I was admitted to an ordinary university and majored in Chinese language and literature. I studied ancient literature, modern literature, contemporary literature, foreign literature... I studied Chinese poetry from the Classic of Poetry - the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry. Many people advised me majoring in Chinese language and literature will not be as promising as other majors. But I loved literature so much that I even never considered if that could be helpful to my future career.




I started my career in Guangzhou in 1997 and visited Germany for the first time in 2004. I have been writing to the world’s greatest doctors in English but with a core of Chinese literature. Many of them have visited China many times, but cooperating with us leaves a fresh impression of China on them. They feel surprised and they are all willing to help my home country. For the last two decades, I have visited 48 countries, many hospitals worldwide, and many great doctors who can really change others life. I am not that well-connected, I don’t go out after work. Instead, I read my favorite books in my room. I try to write every email perfect and persuasive. Many notable doctors never even met me, but they will try their very best to help the doctors and hospitals in China after receiving my emails.




I have been reading and writing every day for all these years, even I am on the flight. I am aware that I was never admitted to a prestigious university and the teachers did not like me. But I am convinced that a young woman can live a decent life in such a great world with so many resources. Currently 186 world-class masters cooperate with us exclusively in China. They trust us and would like to work with us. Streams are running not for fast but for long. Learning should be a lifetime pleasure, not just for an exam or making profit. I planted the seed of lifelong learning, and I have seen the flowers and fruits it bear. The real learning is lifelong learning. It does not matter that you fail in the college entrance exam or are not able to enter a prestigious university. It is just an ordinary exam. Be sure that there are many roads to square. Life is so long that many of us have forgotten to learn ceaselessly. Lifelong learning enables infinity. This is how we can turn the tables.



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