The collaboration between administration and clinical departments guarantees the efficient running of a hospital

2022-05-27 15:19:13 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 14



In China, there are actually few hospitals that are excellent in all aspects, especially when it comes to the administration departments, most of whom act on their own free will and even work against each other. Whatever they do, what they think of first is the benefits they can seek. This is an unhealthy mindset. Actually, to be an admin and to help facilitate the hospital is the biggest benefit for them. This opportunity should be cherished as a life-long career. In China, the larger the hospital and the city is, the more shortsighted and bureaucratic the admins are. They are even complacent. No one dares to point out their problems. How pathetic! Gloryren is strictly selective regarding partners. We only accept the people who are responsible and modest to be our partners. These are the future of Chinese hospitals. Prof. Stief from LMU Klinikum once said that. Our responsibility is to maintain the international excellence of LMU Klinikum. The clinical departments and the admin departments should always be in good communication. The more successful you become, the more modest you should be. A hospital should be led by top talents. What is a “good hospital”? This is a real good hospital in the world. Isn't it worth learning by each hospital?


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