Only a good man can be a great physician. -Hermann Nothnagel

2022-05-05 11:49:57 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 101



Currently in China, there are Directors of departments from large hospitals in megacities who are very arrogant. All they talk about is how excellent they are, and that how superior they are to the colleagues from the US, Europe and across China. They show no respect to anyone and look down upon others. What they enjoy is being flattered by blandishments. This mindset makes no sense but joking. Self-praise stinks, others praise stands. Nobody dares to challenge them in the hospital - the patients have to give in even if they pay for the service, and the colleagues have to make an appointment in advance even just for a signature. How bureaucratic! Respect people with less power than you, and hold on to your principles when facing people with more power than you. This is a foundational human quality. As a doctor, integrity is more important than surgical skills. Patients would rather trust a kind doctor even if their surgical techniques are not the top since these can be improved with time. Our vision and hope are to help the Chinese hospitals improve and to promote Chinese doctors’ internationalization. We don’t want patient-doctor disputes anymore, we don’t want one more doctor to be misunderstood, and we don’t want people to lose confidence in Chinese healthcare. Actually in China, many Directors from the second and third-tier cities are very approachable with compara


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