Business for good is good for Business

2021-12-20 14:52:02 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 40


China is a country that heavily realizes on the development of agriculture and therefore, there is still a great amount of citizens living in rural areas. And on this consideration, only a medical system for the general public is suitable for the Chinese society. The top hospitals in China's first-tier cities are the benchmark, but they do not serve the general public on a large scale. So we aim for bringing in  international medical resources to focus on the development of Grade Three A hospitals in second and third tier cities, and help these hospitals to train more " globe-thinking" discipline leaders and new-generation doctors. In the future, they will lead teams to develop primary care in China with revolutionary technologies. This is because Germany has established a standardized system of diagnosis and treatment, surgery and training, which can be quickly disseminated in Chinese primary care hospitals. China will soon enter an ageing society with an increasing demand for medical resources, and only by addressing primary care will we be able to help the people. Prof. Mayer, the world's master in minimally invasive spine, has said, "Medicine is a calling that helps people." Nothing worthwhile is easy to do, and this is the story of 186 world-renowned experts who are willing to work in China.


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