The Road to Progress| Studying Visit in Harlaching (1)

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It is not difficult to do surgery. It is difficult to make a choice.

- Henry Marsh

People have always been saying that teachers are engineers of human souls, and likewise, doctors can be considered as engineers of human bodies. Special groups such as doctors, bear the obligation, with their own superb medical skills and noble ethics, guarding and continuing one hope and good after another.

However, the road of becoming a doctor is not smooth. In a word: tough.

I have seen a documentary called Doctors' Diaries, which tells how the medical students of Harvard University, the world's top university, get through the road of becoming doctors.

This documentary has tracked the growth of seven medical students from becoming a medical student, then an intern, and finally a doctor. It portrays their study, work and life in 21 years. Those who have seen this documentary have been baptized in tears and inspiration.


I am from a small city in Guangdong - Huizhou,
two hours drive from Guangzhou.
There are three large IIIA-Grade hospitals in the city.
I work for one of them.
I am an orthopedic surgeon at the First People's Hospital of Huizhou City.
I specialize in foot and ankle-sports medicine

Unwilling to be stuck in where I was at that time, I chose to study in Germany, hoping to make more contributions to my hometown, the people, and my beloved career. In October 2018, I embarked on a flight to Munich. The following is my diary, which is used to record the bits and pieces of life in Germany. They are for recording, or for recalling. I hope everyone can like it, or it can give some friendly tips to friends who are going to study in Germany.


October 2nd Fatiguing time difference

On October 2nd, I boarded on a plane to Munich.
It was a Lufthansa double-layer long-distance passenger jet.
I arrived in Munich at 5pm local time.
Huizhou was 11pm at the same moment.
Although I experienced some obstacles,
I still successfully arrived at my dwelling.
The time to go to bed was 9:00 pm (the middle of the night in Huizhou)
I felt the chaos of time.
The brain told me that I should get up and work.
But the night said: “Brother, try to sleep. It’s late.”


October 6th I’m lost

On the first day, I was lost at the subway station on my way back home.

Road conditions are complex here.
I could not read the stop sign.

And such a line map.
They all made me lost my way.


Today is the second day of school.
I seized two opportunities to present in front of the class.
But the rays that have been absorbed in the past 10 years are not as many as those of one surgery today.
uh. . . . Really full
Here I want to mention how to communicate with others.

Many friends don’t have the courage to go abroad for study.
They are not confident about foreign language.
But in fact, grammar is of no use.
It depends on body language.
Don't be afraid and believe yourself.


October 8th Learned a new technique today

I’ve learned two new techniques today.

Todays female superior surgeon is strict,

She did not allow us to present ourselves.
But she conveyed many key points during the operation.
After patiently answering many of my questions she shared her experience.
She also drew me a picture at an interval between two surgeries.

I did not expect I learned hallux valgus treatment without Chinese.


October 23rd Standing together with my boss

Professor Markus is a famous pioneer of foot and ankle in Europe.

He is very enthusiastic and meticulous about teaching.
Today, I discussed a creative problem with him.
He said, “Hey, It’s quite good for you to think in this way.”
(I don't know if they will call us foreigners when they discuss.)
There happened to be a new technique project 
Other doctors also came to participate.
I also took a look at it so that I could operate when I’m back.
The little thing smaller than a penny dropped off on the floor during the surgery.
More than a thousand euros have gone.
Professor Markus said, “You can keep it.”

Ha. Yeah!
But I can’t change it for cash.



November 1st I am not anonymous anymore


On the battlefield in Europe,

I was allowed to practice suturing.

Nurses even let me apply a bandage on my own,

which doesn’t seem to be their style. Usually, they would stare at me even when I came little closer to them.

After preoperative tripartite checkup and confirmed by my teacher,
he wrote my name into the system. I am no longer anonymous.
I got an invitation from my teacher to attend a conference at the end of the year.
I feel really happy.


November 7th Lovely Professor Hamel

Professor Hamel can answer me a dozen of questions a day.
And he answered my question very thoughtfully.
He would asked me how I think.
he would shared his 20 years of experience
He would also told me that he doesn't know much about something.
Today, he made several paper-cut explanations during surgery recording.

He also drew a picture for me.
Finally he smiled and said: “Always questions.”

Today he taught me a new way of surgery.


November 19th It is real snow

Germany has adjusted local time to winter time.

The temperature has reached below zero.

When I got up in the morning, I saw it was snowing.

How exciting it was!

The street was still wet

but I grew up in the southern part of China where snow is rare.

Therefore, it was quite fascinating.

I am waiting for heavy snow.

By the way, Harlaching in the light snow is really a scenery.


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