Special Report from Gloryren | from Guangzhou to Munich(2nd episode)

2019-11-13 15:08:30 Guangzhou Gloryren Orthopedics Technology Co., Ltd 77

In the morning in Göttingen, we witnessed an ankle surgery performed by Professor Stinus, President of the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery.

His assistant taught us how to wash our hands for sterilization. The equipment in the operating room was very advanced. The six colleagues cooperated very smoothly. I am short so they specially prepared me a small stool, on which I had a good view. His surgery relied on a variety of surgical instruments.

Hands of Professor Stinus were quite flexible. Even the stitching in the end is carried out by him. It was perfect.


In the morning, we accompanied a surgery performed by Professor Stinus, President of the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery, and then met with the entire group.

After the operation, we visited his office, which was of good taste. There was a famous doctor's brand from 2018 Focus magazine at the door. Even a famous singer of 1970’s flew thousands kilometers to Germany asking him for surgery.

He also rides horses, sings, and plays guitar. He has a wonderful performance of singing and playing the guitar at the 2018 annual meeting of the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery.

At noon he invited our team for lunch.

In the afternoon he took me to the University Hospital of Göttingen.


At three o'clock in the afternoon, we participated in the discussion of key difficult medical cases at the University Hospital of Göttingen.

One patient had a tumor in his ankle. The doctors were very serious and extremely rigorous. Once again, I had a lesson of Germans’ dedication to work.

Dean Lehmann is a famous trauma expert and he participated in the discussion.

The working atmosphere was like a Hollywood scene.


In the afternoon, I held a closed meeting with Professor Lehmann, Director of the University Hospital of Göttingen, and Professor Stinus, President of  the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery. They expressed great support for my work in China.


There are 2,000 beds in the University Hospital of Göttingen, an absolute super large general hospital. The hospital even has a small Christmas market. In the hospital, bicycles are used to send materials because it is too big.

Professor Stinus, President of the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery, personally performs 400 ankle surgery a year. There are 45 Nobel Prize winners in the university, and the most recent one is a colleague of Professor Stinus.


In the evening, I went to Kassel from Göttingen and had dinner with Siebert, Dean of Vitos Orthopaedic Center, and his wife. They made a trip from Davos back to Kassel to have dinner with us.

As President of the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology DKOU 2018, he successfully held an international orthopedic conference of 13,000 people in Berlin. 3,000 international doctors from 60 countries around the world participated in the event. In 2018, the Chinese delegation was led by Academician Zhang Yingze, Director of COA.

It was a very delightful dinner which lasted for two and a half hours.

He asked me to greet others in Munich, because they were old friends.


December 11th, 2018

Kassel - Frankfurt

We arrived at Vitos Orthopedic Center at 8:00 this morning.

Professor Siebert has been the Dean of the hospital for 24 years since 1994. He has been awarded the prize of Top Joint Specialist by 
Focus magazine every year since 2011.

The hospital had 8,000 joint operations in 2018. Dean Siebert had 400 joint operations every year.

The hospital has a history of 101 years, and in 2018 the hospital won the title of Top Hospital of Fox Magazine. Vitos Orthopedic Center even has its own library.


In the morning, we held a meeting with Professor Sibert for two hours, and then he showed us around the hospital. The equipment was advanced and the details showed great care.

At Vitos Orthopedic Center, we also met the wife of Dean Siebert, who is also a rehabilitation expert. She did arm rehabilitation for her husband, Professor Siebert, in her lovely office. Today, she didn't have to work but she still came to office in order to meet us.


There was a photo of Professor Siebert at the hospital, which has witnessed the glorious history of the hospital.

It was very cold, but Mrs. Siebert insisted on accompanying us to the parking lot.

The meeting lasting for two and a half hours and the visit were so unforgettable.

Professor Sibert promised that he could work in China three times a year. He is definitely a famous international figure of hip and knee.


In the afternoon, we arrived in Frankfurt and it was a sunny day.

Tonight, my good friend in Frankfurt invited us to dinner. The dinner was in the most romantic and special 53-story restaurant in Frankfurt. The restaurant was a ten-minute walk from the hotel.

The scene of a German handsome man with a height of one meter and nine strolling on the streets of Frankfurt with two petite and beautiful Chinese women was so special. The most beautiful night scene was under our feet.

I was so grateful that he spent so much money treating us a fine dinner. The three-hour dinner was so memorable, but I still had a lot of work left.


December 12, 2018

Frankfurt - Munich

At 8:30 in the morning, I went to Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Frankfurt to see Professor Kandziora, President of Spine Center.

He is President of EUROSPINE and President of the German Spine Society in 2020.

He goes to work every morning at 6:00. He had prepared to pick us up at first.

His office was so big, and the wall was full of honorary certificates from famous associations such as Aospine, Eurospine and DWG.


He showed us around the hospital and then we had a two-hour closed meeting in his office. He promised to come to China three times in the coming year.

Originally, he planned a meeting between the Dean of the hospital and us, but we had to rush to Munich Airport, 400 kilometers away, to meet with the head of a 167-year-old Swiss biochemical company in China.


The flight from Zurich to Munich arrived one and a half hours in advance.

I immediately headed for Munich Airport and had been in the car for four hours.

It snowed and it snowed every time I came to Munich.

It took me seven days to go from Guangzhou to Munich


This morning, we set off at 10am and spent four hours heading for Munich International Airport. We didn’t have lunch. Ralf flew from Zurich to have a meeting with us at the airport and the only thing he had was water. After the meeting, Ralf would fly to Milan. He had an important meeting in the next day.

I forgot my dinner. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that the restaurant was not available until 10:30pm. I had breakfast at 6:30 this morning and until 10:30 this evening I didn’t eat anything for 16 hours mainly because I forgot to eat today.

The shingles on the mouth haven’t recovered for a week, which make me look ugly. I felt angry and anxious. My immune system has gone wrong and the shingles would definitely not recover.

December 13, 2018


In the morning, we went to the University Hospital of Munich. The hospital has more than 2,000 beds. It is a carrier-class hospital. You can get lost at anytime, anywhere.

We met Professor Dürr, Director of Bone Tumor Department, which had 700 bone tumor operations a year and 2,500 patients.

Tumor Department of the University Hospital ranks the first in Germany!

I have gained a lot through a one and a half hours closed meeting.

The wall was full of certificates and photos of famous figures of bone tumor and him, and the office has hundreds of beverages free for drinking.


Returning to the world's most famous orthopedic hospital: Schon Klinik, I saw snow again. I have seen Schon Klinik's spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In the afternoon, a two hours closed meeting with Medical Director Walther reached three agreements:

1. Schon klinik's only partner in China is Gloryren.
2. The President of the 2nd Sino-Euro International Orthopedics Summit (2019SEOS) is Prof. Walther.
3. The only strategic partner of German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery in China is Gloryren.

When leaving, Medical Director Walther personally helped the ladies wear a coat. Men of high position in Germany are taught that they have to respect women. He is a true gentleman, noble and elegant.


December 14, 2018

Munich - Shanghai

In the afternoon, we attended two meetings at Schon Klinik, the cradle of orthopedics, with Professor Haasters, Director of Shoulder Department and Professor Siepe, Director of the Spine Center. I was so exhausted that my head was running out of oxygen.

The lemon cake of the hospital was so delicious. I ate two pieces all at once and ate one today.


All work has been perfectly finished at this moment!

I will fly to Shanghai tonight and then back to Guangzhou from Shanghai.

During the eight nights and nine days, the journey covered 2,000 kilometers. I visited seven very famous orthopedic hospitals in Germany and 16 German orthopedic masters.

I didn’t take a rest even for one minute during these days, and only had two meals a day. Michelin dinners and traditional German meals were all treated by German friends.

We will return to Munich next June.


The flight from Munich to Shanghai tonight was delayed. It will take off at 8:30 tomorrow morning. The plane from Shanghai to Guangzhou is completely disrupted.

I said to people in Germany every day that Germany was my second hometown, and I am destined to stay in Germany for one more night.

The nine days work in Germany was so smooth. All of a sudden, this accident happened.

If I call a friend in Munich, he will drive to pick me up right away. But I didn’t mention it. I stayed with Helen at a small hotel near the airport.

There are always too many disappointments in life. I only have to endure until I can’t bear it. But at the moment, I still have to bear it!

After 14 hours of waiting, I can finally fly back to Shanghai from Munich.


The flight from Munich back to Shanghai was delayed and we arrived at Pudong Airport at three o'clock in the middle of the night.

It took only 15 hours to return to Guangzhou from Munich. Now it took me 31 hours to get home. Helen spent 37 hours going home. It is a new record, and I am so uncomfortable.

After I left, Helen had to wait for six hours at the airport. I shouldn’t have celebrated her birthday in advance. In the German tradition, there will be bad luck if people celebrate birthday in advance. I really had bad luck in 2018. I received his mail the moment I turned on my phone when the plane landed.


I just finished unpacking my bags. I appreciate the gifts Professor Siebert, an international knee master, gave me. There are a scarf, BMW pens, and chocolates.

This time, I visited the hospital of Dean Sibert, the Vitos Orthopedic Center in Kassel with a history of 101 years. Last year, Academician Zhang Yingze, Director of COA, invited him to attend the 2017 COA Annual Meeting in Zhuhai, China, and gave him VIP treatment.

The medal on his neck is a brand connected by the names of all joint masters in the world with the German flag, which is of great significance!

He was the former President of the European Hip Society, the President of the German Orthopedic Society (DGOOC) in 2018 and the President of the German Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology (DKOU). He is the president of two prestigious associations, which is unprecedented. In 2018 he successfully organized a DKOU Academic Conference with 13000 participants in Berlin.


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