Review: German Foot and Ankle Master in Foshan Hospital of TCM - Remarkable Results under Sino-German Cooperation

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From March 18th to March 23th in 2019, Markus Walther, Medical Director of Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Munich, and the Congress President of The Second Sino-Euro International Orthopedics Summit 2019 (2019SEOS), came to China again and worked as a visiting professor at Foshan Hospital of TCM for one week.

Introduction of Prof. Walther Walther



Medical Director, Head of Foot and Ankle Department

Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Munich

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Walther has published over 50 papers on sports medicine, foot and ankle surgery, hospital management and he has received multiple scientific awards, including the Arthur-Vick-Award, the DEGUM-Award and the Michael-Jaeger-Award. His current scientific work focuses on biomechanics, traumatology and reconstructive surgery of foot and ankle, as well as minimal invasive surgery. He has a special focus on sports injury and cartilage reconstruction. Since 2015 Prof. Walther is a member of the medical team of the premiere league soccer team FC Bayern Munich and is consulted by multiple sports professionals. He is Professor for Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany and is ranked as one of the top foot and ankle specialist in the country.


Board Member of the GOTS (Society for Orthopedic Traumatologic Sports Medicine), 2004-2008

Board Member of the GFFC (Germany Society of Foot and Ankle Surgery) since 2008

President of the GFFC (Germany Society of Foot and Ankle Surgery), 2012-2016

lVisiting Professor in Foshan Hospital of TCM since 2018

The contents of this academic communication includes outpatient clinic, ward rounds, surgical guidance, surgeries, conducting training for the team, discussion on the management of the department, complicated case discussion and open classes.

Unveiling Ceremony and Welcome Ceremony

March 18th , 2019

On March 18th , Prof. Walther, Head of Ankle Department Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching, came to Foshan Hospital of TCM as an international visiting professor for one week.

Kuangyang Yang, Vice President of Foshan Hospital of TCM; Honggang Guan, Director of Orthopedic Department; Zhengjie Wu, Deputy Director of Orthopedic Department; Yongzhan Zhu, Director of Foot and Ankle Department held a simple but solemn welcome ceremony for Prof. Walther.


In the meanwhile, Prof. Walther representing Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching set off the Sino-German Communication Center for Foot and Ankle with Foshan Hospital of TCM, which was a landmark of the establishment of deep cooperation model between two hospitals. It also indicated that both of these hospitals would move towards higher levels.


It is reported that Sino-German Communication Center for Foot and Ankle was the first officially multinational specialists alliance of Foshan Hospital of TCM. Based on the thorough and intimate cooperation model, both of them will move towards higher levels.


We hope that Prof. Walther will create more firsts” in the future.” Deputy Director Kuangyang Yang said.

After that, they introduced Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching and Foshan Hospital of TCM respectively to each other in detail.


Prof. Walther told us Foot and Ankle Department of Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching was built in 2004. Though there were only 40 beds at the department, they had done more than 4,000 foot and ankle surgeries last year. Patients’ average hospital stays is 2.1 days. Foot and Ankle Department of Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching devotes to keep its stronger international influence and higher patients’ satisfaction in the world.

Outpatient Clinic

March 18th - March 19th , 2019

In the afternoon of March 18th and in the morning of March 19th, Prof. Walther went to Outpatient Clinic of Ankle Department of Foshan Hospital of TCM with Director Yongzhan Zhu. Knowing Prof.

Walther would stay in the outpatient clinic, patients from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Heyuan came to Foshan Hospital of TCM on purpose.


Prof. Walther made diagnosis earnestly, answered patients’ questions patiently and gave professional advice. No matter giving diagnosis or checking radiological images, he did all of these on his own. His rigorous diagnosis approaches and academic attainments gave a deep impression on fellow experts while his kind attitude gained the patients’ praise.

In the meanwhile, Prof. Walther extended his appreciation to the discipline construction of this hospital and thought the hospital would continue to be stronger in the future.

Cross Miles Only for Meeting An International Master

This morning, Prof. Walther had 15 patients in the outpatient clinic, one of whom had transferred to Guangzhou then to Dongguan before, crossing several cities for the diagnosis and treatment by Prof. Walther.

Before coming to Foshan Hospital of TCM, that patient had undergone four surgeries but all of them failed. In the afternoon, Prof. Walther made a diagnosis for him and gave a treatment program in detail. Then Director Zhu arranged the patient entering into the inpatient clinic immediately and was ready to do the fifth surgery for the patient.


Ward Rounds to Pass on New Treatment Ideas

March 19th - March 23rd , 2019

At 8:00a.m everyday, Prof. Walther would come to the wards of Foot and Ankle Department, hearing the doctor in charge introducing patients’ situation and discussing the treatment approaches. After making a detailed body check for the patient and asking his feeling, Prof. Walther discussed the procedure approach with the doctors of Foot and Ankle Department, treatment after operation and rehabilitation solution, teaching doctors there ideas of minimally invasive surgery.



March 19th , 2019

This afternoon, Prof. Walther gave a lecture on foot and ankle surgeries in Foshan Hospital of TCM. The topics were: History, Current Situation and Future of Foot and Ankle Surgery in Europe and How to Manage Patients in Foot and Ankle Department.

The Mystery of 2.1-Day Hospital Stay

Prof. Walther said in Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching, doctors would control the average time of Patients’ staying in hospital within 2.1 daysbecause they had a full set of standard management during the procedures.

Their preoperative examination is complete and effective, required to finish all examination within one day. After examination done, patients can go back home to have a rest. Doctors in Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching will make an operation plans for patients so that patients can be operated on directly and then be sent to the wards.

The first day after operation, all kinds of experts will arrive. Brace experts will come to the wards to instruct patients how to wear braces; physiotherapists will show up to guide patients’ exercise;  nurses will teach patients how to take care of the wounds. And they will observe patients’ VAS.

The second day after operation, if doctors think that patients’ situations accord to the standard of leaving hospital, patients can be discharged. Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching commits itself to doing any surgery as perfectly as possible. Moreover, it will consider every patient and help them save money as far as possible.

The sixth month after operation, Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching will arrange doctors to visit patients and examine patients’ wound. And there will be some experts on sports medicine to instruct patients rehabilitation exercise.

With a strong and professional orthopedics team, although Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlachingonly has only 240 beds, the volume of surgeries in every year reaches 13,500.

Procedure & Instructions

March 20th - March 22nd , 2019

From March 20th to March 22nd , through previous reservations and selections, Foshan Hospital of TCM arranged 7 operations, two of which were charged by Prof. Walther and others were instructed by Prof. Walther. Other surgeons in the surgery said Prof. Walther’ s procedure had taught them a large number of skills and technology, helping them expand their horizons.

Responsible for Severe Hallux Valgus Surgery

On March 20th , there were 3 Hallux Valgus Surgeries in Foshan Hospital of TCM. The first one was done by Prof. Walther whose patient had a very serious Hallux vakgus and arthritis and the process of this procedure was very complicated. Prof. Walther did the surgery and explain to doctors and nurses. Other surgeries were done by Director Zhu with instructions by Prof. Walther.


March 20th , 2019

After the three surgeries, Prof. Walther communicated German surgery experience with doctors and nurses in the operation room and extended his appreciation on the ability of the nurses.

In addition, Prof. Walther watched foot and ankle surgeries in Foshan Hospital of TCM which made a deep impression on him because he thought the primary doctors skill was professional. They can finish such a relatively complicated surgery. The surgical skills of surgeons here have achieved a very high level. ”Prof. Walther said.

When watching procedures besides, Prof. Walther offered some advice and guidance for the doctors there. Doctors accompanied at the OP rooms praised that Prof. Walther had excellent

medical skills. After hearing his instruction, many questions in their mind had been solved. They were grateful to Prof. Walthers guidance during the procedures.

Responsible for an Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

Today, Prof. Walther was responsible for an ankle reconstruction surgery in Foshan Hospital of TCM. The patient was operated on at the age of 24 for the first time. In six years, he was transferred from this hospital to other hospitals for many times, undergoing surgeries for four times.

Recently, he heard that there would be an international German ankle master to Foshan Hospital of TCM so he came to Foshan deliberately. He extended his appreciation to Director Yongzhan Zhu and Deputy Director Guodong Shen because they selected him as a patient for Prof. Walther.

The doctors in Foshan Hospital of TCM are so kind.



Diagnosis & Treatment of Sports Injuries to Foot and Ankle Seminar

March 22nd - March 23rd , 2019

From March 22nd to March 23rd, Director Zhu of Foshan Hospital of TCM held the Diagnosis & Treatment of Sports Injuries to Foot and Ankle Seminar successfully.

Prof. Walther, Doctor Hailin Xu, Doctor Jinsong Hong, Doctor Yongzhan Zhu and other famous foot and ankle experts attended. With the topic of sports injuries to foot and ankle, they communicated through open classes, complicated cases discussion and live streaming procedure to share their opinions. Active academic discussion further promoted doctors’ communication and cooperation, improving the medical technology of Foot and Ankle Department of Foshan Hospital of TCM.


At departure, Prof. Walther said, This short exchange is going to the end. I have felt the hospitality of Foshan people. I believe, through the deeper exchange between Foshan Hospital of TCM and Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlachingon, we will have a better cooperation in the future.

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