A Promising Future for Dongguan Orthopedics in the Era of Greater Bay Area

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In 2018, the out-patient number of the Dongguan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital had reached 146,716 and that of the discharged patients had also reached 11,031. And during the first quarter of 2019, those two numbers have been increasing steadily. With the aim of expanding and thriving this tradition while an international celebrated Foot and Ankle expert Hartmut Stinus, who is also the President of German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery and the Consultant of the University Hospital for Trauma Surgery, Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery in Göttingen, was invited as a visiting professor in Dongguan TCM Hospital in the morning of 10th June.

During his visit, Prof. Stinus conducted a series of academic communications including having outpatient service, ward around, surgical instruction, surgical practice, internal training in the Orthopedics Department, the discussion of the management of the Orthopedic Department and treatment to those critical intractable cases and a master open class. Through these communications, Prof. Stinus contacted comprehensively with the orthopedic doctors in Dongguan TCM Hospital and even in Dongguan City, providing advanced international service of orthopedic diagnosis and treatment for Dongguan people.

Brief introduction of

Prof .Dr. med. Hartmut Stinus


• Medical Director of the Department of Technical Orthopedics at the University of Göttingen, 1990-1994

• Partner of the orthopaedic clinic Dr. Stinus-Dr. Döner in Northeim (www.orthopeadicum.pro), since 1994

• Head of foot and ankle surgery department Helios Albert Schweitzer clinic in Northeim, since 2002

• Consultant at the University hospital for Trauma Surgery. Orthopedics and Plastics Surgery in Göttingen, since 2013

•Carl Rabl Award winner for the book The Technical Orthopedics of the Foot, wriitten with Prof .Dr. med. R. Baumgartner, 1996

• Jürgen Altze Award winner of the BVOU/DGGOC (German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma ) for outstanding achievement in orthopedics, 2017

• Chief Medical Officer of the German Paralympic Ski Team, since 1994

• Congress President of the 20th Annual 2012 in Munich of the Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery(GFFC), 2012

• Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the “Initiative 93 Orthopädie” of the DGOOC, since 2014

• President of the Society for Foot Surgery and Ankle Surgery (GFFC), since 2018

President of Dongguan TCM Hospital Guohua Ye


Prof. Stinus


Jiongtong Yin, Deputy Director of Dongguan Health Commission

Delivering new theories on foot and ankle treatment

In the afternoon of June 10th, Prof. Stinus paid a visit to the 7th Orthopedics Department and the department members introduced the details of the department, the operations they performed and the focus of the department’s future development.

After visiting the department, Prof. Stinus visited Dongguan TCM Hospital’s foot and ankle biomechanics studio, where the surgeons will make gait analysis for the patients and then choose the most suitable customized orthotics according to the outcome of the analysis to fulfill the goal of providing high-quality personalized treatment.

Prof. Stinus said that his first job was an orthopaedic shoemaker and designed orthotics for his parents’ orthotics shoes company, so he is very familiar with the craft of orthotics design. Prof. Stinus showed approval to Dongguan TCM Hospital’s orthopaedic shoes, ankle brace and other braces and offered some advice on improvement. He said that wearing customized orthopaedic shoes was a common conservative treatment and 80% of the patients could greatly relieve from pain after using the customized orthopaedic shoes.

Subsequently, Prof. Stinus had a ward round accompanying with the leading group of Dongguan TCM Hospital.


During the ward around, Prof. Stinus communicated with the patients with great patience and checked up the patients’ body in detail and got to know the patients’ diagnosis. And then Prof. Stinus came up with some valuable recommendations on surgical methods, postoperative treatments and rehabilitation plans for those patients.

Work in the outpatient clinic

He received every patient with smile and kindly greeted their relatives, and then he examined the patients’ conditions and informed the patients of the severe outcomes of improper shoes wearing. For those patients of less severe syndromes, Prof. Stinus would usually recommend them to take conservative treatment like physiotherapy, shockwave therapy or wearing customized orthotics or ankle brace. And in the process he showed his sincerity to provide each patient with the best treatment.


Among the various patients there was a little one who was only two years old. He suffered from flat foot and this little patient cried out of the fear of meeting so many strangers in an unfamiliar environment. His fear was so much that even his parents could not comfort him despite all the ways they have tried.


Although the patients were coming to the Outpatient Department constantly, Prof. Stinus still showed great patience toward them and provided them with the fittest treatment.


Prof. Stinus and Dr. Su

Sparkles of wisdom flash during the discussion of the intractable cases

Doctors in the 7th Orthopedic Department had made adequate preparation for this seminar. During the seminar, the doctors put forward their question and discussed them actively. Prof. Stinus also generously instructed the doctors with his profound clinical experience in the foot and ankle field. So in that morning, the 7th Orthopedic Department was filled with passion on academic exploring.


Tophi Removal

In the afternoon of June 12th, Prof. Stinus performed a tophi removal operation for a patient having gouty tophus in Dongguan TCM Hospital.


This operation went smoothly and was finished in a short time with perfect cooperation between Prof. Stinus and Director Xie. Prof. Stinus also displayed his own way to bind up the wound. Prof. Stinus said that there are not so many patient having gouty tophus in Germany as in China, so he was kind of amazed by the number of patient having gouty tophus here in China.

Committed to every operation

In the morning of June 12th, Prof. Stinus arrived at the operating room of Dongguan TCM Hospital to prepared for the coming four operations. He even sacrificed his lunch time and break time at noon to finish the operation for the patients, and he did not finish the operation until around 5pm.


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Prof. Stinus even helped a patient to lie in proper posture to have X-ray just after the former operation for the patient with hallux valgus and thecal cyst, which greatly showed his working ethics.


Sino-German Foot and Ankle Surgery Academic Seminar

In the afternoon of June 15th, Dongguan TCM Hospital held an open class on Sino-German Foot and Ankle Surgery,which was actually an academic seminar between Chinese and German experts. The attendants of this seminar included the President of the hospital, Guohua Ye, Prof. Stinus from the Medical Center of the University of Göttingen, Prof. Weidong Song from Sun Yet-Sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yet-Sen University, Prof. Xu Wang from Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, Director Lu of the General Orthopedic Department of Dongguan TCM Hospital, Qingxiang Xie, Director of the 7th Orthopedic Department and so on.


Prof. Stinus delivered two academic speeches which explained the Lapidus surgery, the orthotics shoes, and the application of the orthotics shoes and his speeches also provoked heated discussion.


Prof. Stinus’ five-day visit to Dongguan TCM Hospital came to a successful end and he also received great recognition from his fellow professors in Dongguan TCM Hospital, for the doctor perceived that Prof. Stinus brought some novel theories on the treatment of foot and ankle which helped them to break down their stereotype on foot and ankle treatment. Prof. Stinus also spoke highly of members of the 7th Orthopedic Department for their excellent work. Besides, Prof. Stinus offered some practical advice on the development of Dongguan TCM Hospital and wished the Orthopedic Department of this hospital could have a further development in the near future.

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