The core of a hospital should be hospital management, specialty construction, and talent cultivation.

2024-03-18 17:08:38 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 9



Today, I saw a piece of news that President Zhang of Hainan General Hospital plans to contract out the hospital’s departments to top-tier hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. He even claims that it's the management model of "hospital contracting departments". This president is simply an incompetent person. He asks all the so-called nationally renowned hospitals to take over all of their departments. Then what about their own departments? In fact, there is definitely a chain of contempt within the Chinese healthcare system. Doctors from major hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou often consider themselves superior and powerful, and the so called big shots even believe they are invincible. What motivate them to help others' departments? When you hand over all your departments to outsiders, they have no obligation to do their utmost for you, they can only manage to complete the tasks. If the department is managed by an outsider for a long time, both sides will inevitably have conflicts over certain interests. This is human nature. At that time, it will be interesting to see how President Zhang will handle the situation. In China, when seeking medical help, ordinary people only care about the reputation of the hospital, not individual doctors. If you haven't built your own hospital well, no matter how good these top-tier hospitals are, they have nothing to do with you. Do you think that contracting out your departments will make your work easier and attract more patients? Without your own hospital management, specialty construction, and talent cultivation, you are just useless.


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