From Guangzhou to Munich (11)

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1月24日仁医医疗4人团队前往德国Malteser医院集团埃尔兰根森林医院拜访该医院跨学科脊柱及侧弯治疗中心主任、德国脊柱学会2026年主席Dr. Schnake。德国Malteser医院集团埃尔兰根森林医院是被森林围绕的教会医院集团,Dr. Schnake亲自在医院楼下门诊大厅迎接我们并带领我们参观医院。他介绍到:“他的跨学科脊柱及侧弯治疗中心是欧洲Mazor脊柱手术机器人的示教和实操基地,每年完成青少年脊柱侧弯手术约20例、成年人脊柱侧弯手术约60台,是实至名归的德国南部最大脊柱侧弯手术中心。”Dr. Schnake带领我们参观脊柱中心病房时,我们感叹于明亮整洁又富有设计感的病房。随后,Dr. Schnake的中国博士生来自遵义医科大学附属医院的卢子墨医生也过来与我们见面。他在Schnake教授指导下已经学习了半年,已经写完了他的第一篇文章,这真的是可喜的进步,与我们合作的教授都会给博士生尽量多发表文章的机会,Schnake教授还会带卢医生参加欧洲脊柱学会春季会议,科室为他报销了所有费用。Schnake教授今年六月将前往深圳市第二人民医院脊柱外科进行为期一周的国际客座教授工作。Schnake教授去年又招了厦门大学第一附属医院张医生作他的第二位德国临床MD博士。2026年仁医医疗将带领中国脊柱外科医生在纽伦堡参加德国脊柱学会2026年年会。所有有价值的东西,你都必须付出成本,既使你现在不支付这个成本,未来你也要支付这个成本。未来中国最好的工作就是医生,但是只有优秀医生和顶级医生才会是世界上最好的工作。要做医生就必须做顶流,这是一个医生的雄心。

On January 24th, the team of four from Gloryren headed to the Malteser Waldkrankenhaus St. Marien in Erlangen, Germany to visit Dr. Schnake, Head of the Interdisciplinary Center for Spine and Scoliosis Therapy and President-elect of the German Spine Society (DWG) for 2026. The hospital is a church hospital surrounded by forests. Dr. Schnake greeted us in person at the Outpatient Hall of the hospital and showed us around the hospital. Dr. Schnake introduced that the Interdisciplinary Center for Spine and Scoliosis Therapy is the teaching and practice base for the spine surgeries performed by Mazor robotics, and it performs about 20 scoliosis surgeries for adolescents and 60 for adults annually, making it the largest Scoliosis Center in southern Germany. When Dr. Schnake showed us around the Spine Center, we were amazed at the bright, clean, and well-designed wards there. After a while, Dr. Schnake's Chinese doctoral student, Doctor LU Zimo from Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, came to meet with us as well. Having been studying under Dr. Schnake’s supervision for half a year, Doctor Lu has already completed his first manuscript, which is a gratifying progress. The professors collaborating with us are all willing to give their MD students as many opportunities to publish papers as possible. Dr. Schnake will also take Doctor Lu to the EUROSPINE and EANS Spring Summit, and all expenses will be covered by the department. This June, Dr. Schnake will work as an international visiting professor in Spine Surgery Dept. at the Shenzhen Second People's Hospital for a week. Last year, Dr. Schnake received his second doctoral student, Doctor Zhang from the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University. In 2026, Gloryren will lead a group of Chinese spine surgeons to attend the annual meeting of DWG in Nuremberg. If you want anything valuable, you have to pay the price now or later to get it. In the future, the best job in China is to be a doctor, but only those excellent and top ones can have the best job in the world. As a doctor, you must strive to be the top. That should be the ambition of a doctor.



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