From Guangzhou to Munich (3)

2024-01-23 10:23:00 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 19


1月15日晚,仁医医疗四人团队与德国脊柱学会2013年主席Rosenthal 教授和德国脊柱学会2015年主席Rauschmann教授在法兰克福最古老的奥斯卡餐厅举行晚餐会。这家百年餐厅墙上有经典影片《飘》和《罗马假日》的男主角的照片。晚上18:00至19:20我们与Rosenthal教授谈2024年他到中国三甲医院担任国际客座教授工作安排和他中国招了三位德国临床MD博士生的工作安排。他是德国微创脊柱大师级的专家。他在胸腔镜领域举世瞩目。19:40 Rauschmann教授从Sana医院赶了过来与我们晚餐。今天他做了一天门诊,明早7:00我们还安排了他与贵阳市第四人民医院脊柱外科团队和中南大学湘雅二医院王冰主任共同召开2024中德脊柱外科视频会议。他说我们四人看上去非常疲倦,但我们还是兴致勃勃地共同讨论了他2024年他来中国三甲医院担任国际客座教授的工作安排。2023年2月2日贵阳市第四人民医院脊柱外科肖宇医生从成都飞到法兰克福。他将在未来两年在法兰克福大学攻读临床医学MD博士,他的导师正是德国脊柱学会2015年主席,奥芬巴赫Sana医院脊柱外科和重建骨科外科主任Rauschmann教授。Sana医院是法兰克福大学教学医院,开放有超900张病床,拥有2600名员工,每年接收约39000名住院病人与74000名门诊病人。Rauschmann教授连续12年上榜德国Focus顶级脊柱外科医生榜单。晚餐会21:40结束。每一天都很珍贵,每一天都如此难以忘怀,因为我们拥有世界上最好的工作,这份工作可以帮助我们的国家。

On the evening of Janurary 15th, the team of four from Gloryren hosted a dinner meeting in the most ancient restaurant in Frankfurt, OSCAR's Brasserie Moderne, with Dr. Rosenthal, the President of Germany Spine Society in 2013 and Prof. Rauschmann, the President for Germany Spine Society in 2015. On the wall of this centennial restaurant lies the photos of the starring actors of Gone with the Wind and Roman Holiday. From 6:00 to 7:20 p.m., we discussed with Dr. Rosenthal the arrangements for his visiting professorship in 2024 to Grade Three Class A hospitals in China and his three MD doctoral students from China. Dr. Rosenthal is a great master in Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery in Germany, with his achievements in thoracoscopic surgery renowned in the world.  At 7:40 p.m., Prof. Rauschmann came over from Sana Clinic to have dinner with us. He was busy all day in the outpatient clinic. We arrange a 2024 Sino-German Video Conference on Spinal Surgery at 7:00 a.m. on Januray 16th, which Prof. Rauschmann will join together with the Spine Surgery team from Guiyang Fourth People’s Hospital, and Director WANG Bing from the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. Prof. Rauschmann noticed the tiredness on our faces, but we still discussed with him the arrangements for his visiting professorship in 2024 to Grade Three Class A hospitals in China in high spirits. On February 2nd, 2023, Doctor XIAO Yu of Guiyang Fourth People’s Hospital flew to Frankfurt from Chengdu. He will pursue his MD degree at Goethe University Frankfurt for two years, and his supervisor is the President of Germany Spine Society in 2015 and the Head of Spine Surgery and Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery of Sana Clinic Offenbach-Prof. Rauschmann. Sana Clinic Offenbach is an academic teaching hospital of Goethe University Frankfurt, having over 900 beds, and 2600 staff. Annually it receives about 39,000 inpatients and 74,000 outpatients. Prof. Rauschmann has been listed as one of the top doctors in spine surgery by  German FOCUS for 12 consecutive years. Our dinner meeting with him didn’t end until 9:40 p.m. Every day is so precious, and every day is so unforgettable because we have the best job in the world. And through this job, we can contribute to our country.


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