Only good people are eligible to be doctors

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In 1987, my father bought a color television of 14 inches from PEONY. At dusk every day, my parents cooked together, and we watched TV while having dinner. I had a short haircut, and wore a pair of pink plastic slippers, finding myself surrounded by happiness even if the only fruit available to us at the time was plums and peaches. One day at dusk, my father and I went together to buy a second-hand desk, which was hand-made by his friend and cost us 80 yuan. We spent another 15 yuan on a yellow lamp. My father also bought me a tailor-made red pleuche sofa for my bedroom. I bought Oriental Juvenile and Children's Literature every month, dreaming about becoming an internationally renowned writer someday. And anyone who dared to bully my family, I would give that person a hard lesson. When I was 10, my father developed cancer. China’s medical care level was so underdeveloped at that moment. And the hospitals didn’t care to respect the patients. When my father was hospitalised, the doctors and nurses at the hospital always humiliated us. I couldn’t stand it anymore and made a scene in the hospital, beating the Head Nurse Wang in front of Director He of the hospital. In the end, deep inside their heart, they were so afraid of me. I went to Guangzhou for work when I grew up, and their fear of me grew stronger because they didn’t know how I would react to their irresponsibility back then to my father. Later on Director He’s son died, and he and his wife died in the nursing home. Even though they all passed away, I still feel grievance and pain in my heart. Hospitals should never bully patients, or patients will resent them for the rest of the lifetime. We come to the hospital only for treatment, and we never meant to make any mess, so why should you ever bother to humiliate us? Doctors and nurses with such behaviors are only wicked people. Medical staff, who blame all the fault on patients for the medical trouble, have they ever had some introspection? Did they really care about the treatments for patients? Were they condescending to their patients? Did they hurt the patients hard with their evil words? Did they respect the patients? If they don’t have some introspection, the conflicts between the hospital and the patients will always be there. It’s not just a problem for society, this is a problem for hospitals. Only talents can make a great hospital, and doctors are the reflection of the conscience of a nation. Only good people are eligible to be doctors.、


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