America has the worst values in the world

2023-12-19 18:20:51 Guangzhou Gloryren Medical Technology Co., Ltd 22



On August 29, 2023, in America, a Chinese PhD student shot his Chinese doctoral supervisor. He shot seven times. It was not just a murder, but also an action to vent his anger. A Chinese doctoral supervisor who stays in America to work at universities would not be a good person. And American laboratories receive Chinese PhD students only to make them work for the doctoral supervisors. The atmosphere of American universities is bizarre. They are not academic circles, but vanity fairs. Chinese doctoral supervisors of this kind struggled and used every means to stay in America. Finally, they become the “Chinese boss” of American laboratories. And they oppress students badly, but are also oppressed by the white in America. A so-called top scientist named Yan had to go to America because she was not qualified to be an academician in China. However, although she worked in an American laboratory for so many years, she was lack of funding and didn’t have her own team, so she had to come back to Shenzhen and now becomes the founding president of a new project. Now she claims that she is a patriot, but that must not be true, because a patriot would not have stayed in America. A person must not be called a real scientist if he thinks of his motherland only when he can no longer stay in America, doing odd jobs for white Americans laboratories and being oppressed. Now many people choose a foreign university according to its global ranking. And companies see the ranking of the candidates' universities as an indicator of employment. America sees universities as a way to earn money and attract people to work there. It created the university ranking to keep its universities on the top, so the rankings are meaningless. When it comes to the doctoral study, universities don't really matter. Instead, doctoral supervisors matter, especially their personality. It becomes more and more expensive to study in American universities year by year. Their aim is to dredge for money from this business. And it's silly to send them money. You can't say that you really know about America if you have not been to dozens of countries in the world. You could go to study in America if your family can afford you one million every year, but so what? Why don't you save the money and study in other countries? America has the worst values in the world. It should not be called a civilized country at first.


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