The recessive culture of America

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美国的权贵阶层 ,金融阶层,军工复合体皆为贼也。美国有很多不为人知的一面。精读了历史、人文和哲学,了解了美国的上流社会。你就会明白美国的隐性文化。它的根部其实深埋在肮脏的淤泥里。表面还开着娇艳的花朵,你看见的表面民主、文明、彬彬有礼。实则凶悍、贪婪、杀伐果断。中东是亚欧非大陆的中转站,地理位置非常重要。他们在中东安插以色列,用它故意挑起战火,方可凸显美国霸权。又可控制石油,最终实现美元霸权,又能帮军工复合体快速去库存。为大选拉来政治资金。这帮贼有吃有喝花天酒地的银子就滚滾而来了。战争死了多少人不是他们所关心的,他们只关心实实在在的利益。他们还控制媒体,对所有顽强抵抗的人民称之为恐怖组织。又可以以反恐为名,大肆屠城,为他们杀人找到合理借口。但他们对以色列也有防备之心,一旦以色列真要做实中东老大,他们马上分而治之,又要扶持另外的小弟,用它不断敲打和限制以色列。小弟又可对它感恩戴德。这样它全球老大的位置才可坐稳。关键是这些捞钱捞权的手段都太上不了台面了,肮脏凶悍之极。文明社会该有的样子它们可是一样不占。关键是这帮贼还千方百计想要控制全世界?我们的孩子能送进贼窝里去吗?

Influential officials, financial executives, and military-industrial complexes of America are all like thieves. America has an unknown dark side. If you intensively read the history, humanity and philosophy of America, and know about its upper class, you will discover its recessive culture. Its flowers are beautiful, but the roots are deeply buried in the dirty mud. It seems to be democratic, civilized and courteous on the surface, but fierceness, greed, and no mercy for killing are its true nature. The Middle East enjoys a strategic location as a tricontinental hub for the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa. America turns Israel into its pawn in the Middle East and uses it to start a war, so as to stress its supremacy as well as seize the control of petroleum. Then it can achieve US dollar hegemony, destock the military-industrial complex rapidly, and seek political funding for presidential elections. As they get money rolling in, they could keep enjoying luxurious lives. They never care about how many people died in the war, but only care about the tangible profits that they can dredge for. They also control the social media to tag the people who resist the invasion for their country ‘a terrorist organization', and to rationalize the massacre by calling it 'an anti-terrorism action'. But they are also guarding against Israel. If Israel really becomes the strongest in the Middle East, they will alienate and conquer it, and support other pawns to weaken and limit it. Then the new pawns will be grateful for America, which reinforces its hegemony in the world. What dirty and fierce ways they are using to dredge for money and power! America should not be seen as a civilized country from any aspects. Still, they want to control the whole world by every means. Should our kids be sent to a country like a den of thieves?


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