Prof. Dr. med. Georg Nickenig

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Surgical and Research Focus:

• Coronary heart diseases

• Heart failure

• Arterial hypertension

• Hypercholesterolemia

• Atherosclerosis and heart attack

• Minimally invasive interventional treatment of heart valve defect

(such as: B. Aortic valve stenosis, which is treated by a transaortic valve replacement procedure (TAVI). He is also, along with his research team leader in catheter-based treatment of mitral and Trikuspidalklappenfehlern and laid 2019, the world's largest study on this subject before.

Prof. Nickenig's interventional interventions are regularly broadcast as live cases at international congresses.

Prof. Nickenig implanted a new heart valve for former Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher using a catheter-assisted procedure . )


Work experience:

• Since2005: Chair of Internal Medicine, Cardiology

• Director of the Medical Clinic and Polyclinic II, University Hospital Bonn;

• 2005: Additional qualification in internal intensive care medicine;

• 2005: Full Professor of University Hospital Bonn;

• 2005: Director of the Heart Center Bonn;

• 2000-2005: Managing Senior Physician Clinic and Polyclinic Internal Medicine III, University Hospitals of the Saarland;

• 1999 -2000: Assistant doctor/research assistant Staff member of Clinic III for Internal Medicine at the University of Cologne;


Awards and Achievements:

• 1999: Young Investigator Award of the European Vascular Biology Society ;

• 1999: Irbesartan Research Award;

• 2001: Novartis Prize for Therapy-relevant Pharmacological Research;

• 2001: Theodor Frerichs Prize of the German Society for Internal Medicine;

• 2004: Albert Fraenkel Prize of the German Society of Cardiology;

• 2018: Franz Loogen Prize of the West German Heart and Vascular Center Essen and the Franz Loogen Foundation;


Scientific Membership:

• German Society for Cardiology, Heart and Circulation Research

• 2011: Founded the International Center for Cardiovascular Interventions (ICCI);

• 2019: Spokesman for the "Transregional Collaborative Research Center 259 - Aortic Diseases" of the Germans Research Foundation;



• His scientific work is documented in more than 600 international publications.

HOTLINE: 020-8928-7873 Hospital-centered and detail-oriented.