Prof. Dr. med. habil. Pierre Hepp,Head of Arthroscopic & Special Joint Surgery/Sports Injuries, University Hospital Leipzig

2020-04-09 15:44:15 201

Work Experience:

• Since 2014: Head of Arthroscopic & Special Joint Surgery/ Sports Injuries, Leipzig University Hospital

• 2010-2014: Worked in the Clinic for Department of Traumatology and Reconstruction Surgery, Leipzig University Hospital


Clinical priorities:

• Therapy of sports injuries(e.g shoulder dislocation, cruciate ligament rupture)

• Therapy of shoulder diseases(shoulder prosthesis, reconstruction, arthroscopic and open procedures)

• Arthroscopic and open procedures at the elbow, knee and ankle

• Cartilage therapy(e.g cartilage breeding and cartilage transplantation)


Main research(clinical):

• Proximal humeral fractures

• Shoulder instability

• Intraoperative 3D imaging

• Sports injuries


Main research (experimental):

• Bio-mechanical studies on the proximal humerus (bone quality, implant testing)

• Bio-mechanical evaluation of rotator cuff reconstruction techniques

• Tissue engineering of cartilage tissue (in vivo and ex vivo studies) 



• FOCUS “2019 Top Mediziner in Shoulder Surgery”

HOTLINE: 020-8928-7873 Hospital-centered and detail-oriented.